Did the AI train derail?

3 months 2 weeks ago

In the latest edition of poliTICS, a publication produced by APC member Insituto Nupef, Carlos Afonso explores the "curious contradiction" between the fear of an AI-caused extinction and the uncontainable desire to make fame and money from its spectacular and frightening advances.

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Photo essay: Enabling Nigerian communities to see the soot around them

3 months 2 weeks ago

MAJI in Nigeria recently co-hosted an #EcoThursday Twitter discussion on deploying open data and low-cost technologies for monitoring air pollution and creating evidence-based advocacy. This photo essay captures their journey in holding oil polluters accountable.

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Can simply 'connecting everyone' enable a worthwhile digital future?

3 months 2 weeks ago

We draw upon the latest edition of our flagship publication Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) to answer the question raised by APC at the UN’s Global Digital Compact (GDC) – how can we meaningfully “connect everyone” while keeping local realities in mind?

1 hour 24 minutes ago
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