TEDIC Paraguay: Mass surveillance in the context of state emergency

1 week 3 days ago

Unprecedented levels of surveillance, data exploitation, and misinformation are being tested across the world. It is important to examine how these technological solutions will impact democracy at the global level, both during this emergency period and moving forward.


Putting cybersecurity on the rights track

1 month ago

This report is a compilation of the outcomes of the research component of a small project entitled “Putting cybersecurity on the rights track” that the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) implemented during the course of 2019 with the participation of APC members.


2020 APC Member Convening: Closer than ever

1 month ago

We are taking our learnings from the 2020 Member Convening and allowing them to shape our long-term visions, as we celebrate the work of the past 30 years and amplify our commitment to our collective advocacy, solidarity, resistance and transformation.

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Jurisprudence Shaping Digital Rights in South Asia

1 month ago

Jurisprudence developed by courts are central to the understanding, application and implementation of laws. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have irreversibly impacted every walk of personal and public life, including how courts function and deliberate on rights.  


Email handling: To b(cc) or not to be?

1 month 1 week ago

In my line of work I spend a big part of my day sending and receiving emails. In this post I will try to clarify the concepts and practices of emailing in the hope that I might save some inbox congestion for some people, and some carbon dioxide from the planet’s atmosphere.


Offensive against Sleeping Giants Brazil may set a dangerous precedent

1 month 1 week ago

In May 2020, a Twitter profile called Sleeping Giants Brazil emerged and started to publicly call for advertising companies to acknowledge their responsibility in the fight against so-called "fake news", pressuring them not to finance channels that propagate this type of content.

39 minutes 37 seconds ago
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