Technological autonomy as a constellation of experiences: A guide to collective creation and development of training programmes for technical community promoters

3 weeks 2 days ago

From recommendations to reflections on the diversity of communities’ values and principles, this guide offers an important contribution to people, organisations and communities that see training as crucial to promote their communication and telecommunications processes within their territories or regions, especially for community networks.


Five amazing ways e-waste has been used for art

1 month ago

E-waste is a growing problem, and finding uses for redundant ICT equipment has been on the minds of sustainability experts for years. However, it turns out it's also been on the minds of some artists!


DEF India: Providing relief to save lives with #CDERP2.0

1 month ago

As the second wave of COVID-19 hits Indian cities, rural India is also experiencing a rise in numbers, which could become a catastrophe of unimaginable scale if ignored. In response, DEF has launched an ICT-enabled and community-specific relief programme.

Language English

Hashtag Palestine 2020

1 month ago

#Hashtag Palestine 2020 is 7amleh’s sixth annual review of key digital rights issues facing Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, drawing on events that took place from January through December 2020.


International civil society organisations demand that the Colombian government immediately stop its repression of the protests and guarantee the exercise of human rights, offline and online

1 month 1 week ago

We firmly reject the violent repression in Colombia in response to the massive protests which began on 28 April. The Colombian state has the obligation to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee freedom of assembly and association and freedom of speech, on the internet and on the streets.

2 hours 43 minutes ago
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