Met police to pay ‘five-figure sum’ to French publisher arrested under anti-terror laws

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"Moret was one of at least 4,525 foreign nationals to be stopped at UK ports from 2020 to 2023, under schedule 7 of the 2000 Terrorism Act, according to daily logs released under freedom of information laws.

Of these, 1,432 citizens were from the UK’s allies in EU member states, including 334 Irish, 192 Dutch, 175 French, 99 Swedes and 94 Germans.


Chris Jones, from the European civil liberties group Statewatch, said the figures demonstrate the working links between UK police, their counterparts in Europe and Europol.

He added: “While Europol obviously are responsible for dealing with some seriously harmful activities such as murder and human trafficking, their monitoring of peaceful protest groups is not the kind of thing that the police should be doing in an ostensibly liberal democratic system.

“How they draw the lines between those things is a mystery, but arguably they don’t do a great job of it.”"

Full story here.


EU funding drone technology used by Israel in Gaza war, claim monitors

2 months ago

"The European Union has helped fund drone technology used by Israel in its devastating war against Gaza, two monitors have claimed.

Statewatch and Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) found in an analysis that Xtend - a drone manufacturer supporting the Israeli Defence Force - received a research and development grant from the EU's Horizon Europe fund."

Full article here, and also in French, German and Spanish.

Multiple other outlets have also covered the story:


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3 months ago

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"Statewatch is an indispensable resource for documents on civil rights and migration in the EU. We have used information gathered from Statewatch for our lawsuit against Frontex and couldn't work as efficiently without the great Statewatch database. If Statewatch didn't exist, it would have to be invented."

Arne Semsrott, Director, FragDenStaat (German freedom of information platform)


Kunstmatige intelligentie maakt de Europese grenzen nog killer. ‘Europa verschuilt zich achter technologie’

3 months 1 week ago

"Dit soort systemen worden vaak verdedigd met het argument dat menselijke vooroordelen hiermee worden uitgebannen. Maar technologie ís niet objectief en onbevooroordeeld, zegt Romain Lanneau. Hij is onderzoeker bij Statewatch, een organisatie die toezicht houdt op het behoud van burgerlijke vrijheden in Europa.

‘Het grootste probleem’, zegt Lanneau, ‘is dat deze technologieën getest worden met bestaande data van migranten, die is opgeslagen door grenswachten in de afgelopen tien jaar.’ De risicoproelen die een algoritme opstelt, zullen daardoor allesbehalve neutraal zijn.

Experts achten de kans daarom groot dat het gebruik van AI aan de grens zal uitlopen op etnisch proleren: bepaalde etnische of religieuze groepen zullen door het systeem sneller worden aangemerkt als leugenaars of als een risico."

Full story here.


Irak ottaa nyt palautettavat kansalaisensa vastaan, Somalia kieltäytyy yhä yhteistyöstä

3 months 2 weeks ago

"Helsingin Sanomat reported in an article published on Sunday 26 February on the media attention the returns from Finland have received on Iraqi satellite channels and social media. Rekan Khalil, who resisted deportation and was returned to Iraq, filed a criminal complaint about the use of force by Finnish police. The detention centre is described in the Tiktok video and in TV interviews as a "prison".


The Iraq news has also quoted a report by the British NGO Statewatch that Iraq had agreed to accept all its citizens last March, and that the EU was still seeking an informal agreement to step up returns.

Helsingin Sanomat asked Iraq's migration ministry about the matter. Soran Omar, a member of the Iraqi parliament's committee on migration and refugees, wrote in a message to Helsingin Sanomat only that "we have discussed this issue with the foreign minister and told him that it is unacceptable for Iraq to accept forced returns"."

Machine translation, full story (in Finnish) here. The Statewatch report cited in the article is available here.

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