The Internet Loses a Champion with the Passing of Sherwin Siy

3 months 2 weeks ago

We at EFF are devastated to learn of the passing of Sherwin Siy. He was a brilliant advocate and strategist who was dedicated to protecting and preserving the internet as a space for creativity, innovation and sharing. He was also a friend and generous mentor who shaped the present and future of tech policy by supporting and teaching others. We are grateful for the work he did, and deeply saddened to lose his voice, his perspective, and above all his spirit, in the work to come. The internet lost one of its champions. RIP Sherwin, we will miss you.

Ernesto Falcon

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 33.4

3 months 2 weeks ago

Want the latest news on your digital rights? Then you're in luck! Version 33, issue 4 of EFFector, our monthly-ish email newsletter, is out now! Catch up on rising issues in online security, privacy, and free expression with EFF by reading our newsletter or listening to the new audio version below.

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EFFECTOR 33.04 - Highest court hands down a series of critical Digital rights decisions

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Christian Romero

【おすすめ本】魚住 昭『出版と権力  講談社と野間家の一一〇年』─講談社の秘蔵資料から軍部との関係に光を当てる=萩山 拓(ライター)

3 months 2 weeks ago
講談社に眠っていた約150冊の秘蔵資料を読み解き、講談社の歩みのみならず、出版史の欠落を補った浩瀚な力作だ。 創業者の野間清治は、講談をベースにした雑誌「雄弁」を創刊。その成 功を跳躍台とし、<日本の雑誌王>へと飛躍。だが雑誌王国・講談社の蹉跌は、初代・清治が病死した1938(昭和13)年10月以後に訪れる。 つまりアジア・太平洋戦争下において、講談社が軍部へ協力・迎合していく歩みである。「第七章 紙の戦争」の扉写真にも出てくるが、出版統制を指揮した内閣情報部..