Irak ottaa nyt palautettavat kansalaisensa vastaan, Somalia kieltäytyy yhä yhteistyöstä

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"Helsingin Sanomat reported in an article published on Sunday 26 February on the media attention the returns from Finland have received on Iraqi satellite channels and social media. Rekan Khalil, who resisted deportation and was returned to Iraq, filed a criminal complaint about the use of force by Finnish police. The detention centre is described in the Tiktok video and in TV interviews as a "prison".


The Iraq news has also quoted a report by the British NGO Statewatch that Iraq had agreed to accept all its citizens last March, and that the EU was still seeking an informal agreement to step up returns.

Helsingin Sanomat asked Iraq's migration ministry about the matter. Soran Omar, a member of the Iraqi parliament's committee on migration and refugees, wrote in a message to Helsingin Sanomat only that "we have discussed this issue with the foreign minister and told him that it is unacceptable for Iraq to accept forced returns"."

Machine translation, full story (in Finnish) here. The Statewatch report cited in the article is available here.


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USA krever fri adgang til å søke i norske registre

1 month 2 weeks ago

"Ved å søke i norske og andre lands registre, vil USA kunne undersøke folk langt grundigere. Dermed kan de også nekte flere uønskede tilreisende innreise.

I et dokument skriver Department of Homeland Security at myndighetene vil kunne søke i relevante straffesaks-, terrorist- og identitetsregistre.
Ved treff skal de kunne hente ut store mengder personlige data om reisende.

Som motytelse tilbyr USA blant annet søk i sikkerhetsdepartementets egne databaser. De inneholder 1,1 milliarder registreringer om 270 millioner  personer, ifølge et faktaark laget av amerikanske myndigheter. Det er offentliggjort av menneskerettighetsorganisasjonen Statewatch."

Full story here (paywall), citing this report.


Police to be able to run face recognition searches on 50m driving licence holders

1 month 2 weeks ago

"Chris Jones, the director at Statewatch, a civil liberties NGO, called on MPs to reject the controversial change.

He said: “There has been no public announcement of or consultation over this plan, which will put anyone in the country with a driving licence into a permanent police lineup. Opening up civil databases to mass police searches turns everyone, a priori, into a suspect. More surveillance and snooping powers will not make people safer.”"

Full story here.


New Brexit fingerprint checks for UK travellers in Europe set to start in 2024

2 months 1 week ago

"The non-profit group Statewatch, which monitors civil liberties in the EU, predicts that technology firms could make millions of euros from operating the ESS, while travellers could face hefty delays.

“The Austrian government has estimated that waiting times, often already lengthy, will double when the system comes into use,” the group’s director Chris Jones told i.

He added: “Holidaymakers, workers, students and people visiting their families are unlikely to experience the convenience and efficiency promised by proponents of the system.

“Instead, it seems the main beneficiaries will be police and border agencies hungry for more sensitive personal data, and the IT companies that stand to make hundreds of millions of euros from the contracts for setting up and operating the system.”"

Full story here.


NGOs: EU asylum overhaul will create 'cruel system'

2 months 1 week ago

"The aim is to reach political agreement, possibly later on Monday, amid intense political pressure in the hopes of wrapping up the fine print before the European elections next June.

But a Spanish EU presidency paper, leaked earlier this month by civil liberties group Statewatch, reveals that the parliament has made major concessions that will likely see more restrictive asylum rules."

Full story here.


Europol löscht NoBorder-Initiativen aus Terrorbericht

2 months 3 weeks ago

"Der TE-SAT-Bericht belegt jedes Jahr, wie die Mitgliedstaaten die Definition von Terrorismus missbrauchen und Aktivisten als Bedrohung für die nationale Sicherheit bezeichnen«, sagt Romain Lanneau von Statewatch zu dem nach seiner Ansicht einmaligen Vorgang einer Löschung. Die britische Bürgerrechtsorganisation gehört zu den Trägern einer Kampagne zu Auskunftsersuchen bei Europol. Mutmaßlich Betroffene sollen bei der Polizeiagentur anfragen, welche Daten dort über sie gespeichert sind und etwaige »Treffer« den Organisatoren zurückmelden."

Full story here.


Svensken som ska hålla Frontex på mattan: ”Kan inte vara överallt”

2 months 3 weeks ago

"I samband med att Grimheden tillträdde sin post år 2021 stärktes hans inflytande. Frontex ledning måste nu ta hans råd i beaktande. Tidigare var detta inget krav.

En som noga håller koll på Frontex förehavanden i Grekland och andra länder är Yasha Maccanico på organisationen Statewatch. Han säger att Jonas Grimheden är en man med ett svårt, nästintill omöjligt, uppdrag.

– Frontex är en myndighet vars principiella uppgift är att sätta stopp för så kallad illegal migration, med det ultimata målet att deportera så många som möjligt. Så det finns en hel del att kritisera, men Grimheden opererar också i en kontext där det är svårt att inte kränka vissa rättigheter eller acceptera att sådana sker.

Om inte, skulle Grimheden behöva driva ett flerfrontskrig för att göra förändringar på flera plan inom Frontex. Han har istället valt att laga efter läge, säger Yasha Maccanico.
– Han vill inte ställa till för många problem.

Om denna hållning kan man enligt Yasha Maccanico tycka vad man vill. Men om Frontex skulle ha en chef för mänskliga rättigheter som ständigt rör om i grytan skulle det kunna försvåra myndighetens arbete i vissa länder.

– Frontex är beroende av medlemsstaternas goda vilja och måste välkomnas av dem, säger han."

Full article here (paywall).


People-smuggling profits at historic high, EU concedes

2 months 4 weeks ago

"When pressed on how a decade of ideas and proposals to curb the smuggling business has actually led to a historic profits among smugglers, the European Commission was unable to provide answers.

"We have to understand this in a broader context of organised criminal landscape," responded Ylva Johansson, the EU's home affairs commissioner.

Asked if state-perpetrated pushbacks created business opportunities for smugglers, Johansson said EU states had an obligation to protect their borders.

An internal report the EU's police agency Europol, cited by London-based NGO Statewatch, says the demand for people-smugglers has indeed increased. But it also says this demand "is fuelled by increased 'push factors' in key regions of origin, combined with the increase in technical obstacles."

Statewatch says those "technical obstacles" include border walls, surveillance technologies, and other forms of border controls that fall within the remit of the EU and its member states."

Full story here.


Visafreiheit: USA wollen Zugriff auf EU-Biometriedaten bilateral durchsetzen

2 months 4 weeks ago

"Für Chris Jones, den Direktor der britischen Bürgerrechtsorganisation Statewatch, steht aber außer Frage, dass die USA weiter "Zugriff auf die wachsende Palette biometrischer Datenbanken der EU" begehrten. Es sei daher wichtig, möglicherweise schon laufende Verhandlungen über bilaterale Übereinkünfte im Blick zu behalten. Bislang hinterfragten etwa die deutsche und die französische Regierung den Mehrwert der geforderten "Partnerschaft". Ein Punkt war dabei die mit dem VWP eigentlich gewährte "vollständige Gegenseitigkeit" des Datenzugangs. Denn schon Anfang des Jahres merkte die damalige schwedische EU-Ratspräsidentschaft an, dass es an einer solchen Reziprozität mangele. Dies deutet laut Statewatch daraufhin, "dass die USA mehr erhalten wollten, als sie bereit waren zu geben".

Full story here, and see our article here.


Migrazioni: l’Unione Europea pianifica nuovi accordi con Egitto e Tunisia mentre continua a sostenere la Libia nella lotta alle partenze

2 months 4 weeks ago

"La Commissione europea pianifica nuovi accordi da stringere con Tunisia ed Egitto entro la fine dell’anno, nonostante le denunce di lunga data di abusi contro migranti e rifugiati in entrambi i paesi nordafricani, scrive l’Organizzazione Non Governativa basata a Londra Statewatch. Il piano per questi nuovi partenariati è menzionato in un allegato contenuto in una lettera della presidente della Commissione europea, Ursula von der Leyen, inviata al Consiglio europeo prima della riunione di ottobre."

Full story here and see our article here.

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