Press Conference: Communique by G8 Action Network/ International People's Solidarity Days

07/09/2008 - 09:30
07/09/2008 - 10:30

Date: July 9th
Time: 9:30 - 10:30
Place: Civil Media Center
Clark Memorial Hall at University of Hokkaido

Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South)
Joseph Zacune(Friends of the Earth International)
Md.Shamsuddoha(Jubilee South)
Indra Lubis (La Via Campesina)
Yoko Akimoto(ATTAC Japan)
and more

Organizer: G8 Action Network/Working Group on International People's Solidarity Days
Contact: Yukiko Kaname

Make the Hokkaido Summit the Last Summit of the G8!--Declaration of Participants in the International Solidarity Days of the G8

The G8 Summit opened in Hokkaido yesterday with the usual rhetoric of concern about conditions in Africa. These are statements that few people in Africa and the rest of the world take seriously, given how far the G8 governments are from raising the $20 billion they pledged for Africa at the Gleneagles Summit in 2005.

Indeed, if there is anything that distinguishes this particular G8 summit, it is its low credibility. In George Bush, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Yasuo Fukuda, we have a group of discredited leaders who are very unpopular with their own electorates. Moreover, in addition to their broken promises on Africa, the G8 have also failed miserably to deliver on their other pledges, notably, canceling the debt of the poor countries, raising aid levels to 0.7 per cent of the GDP of the G8 countries, promoting development through trade, and tackling climate change.

Immigration Hotline


WATCH (Watch Human Rights on Summit)
Network of Lawyers observing Human Rights around the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit 2008

Immigration Hotline

WATCH offers an emergency hotline to help those who are having troubles to enter Japan with regard to the G8 Summit or highly possible to face such troubles, and those who are inviting such people to Japan.

The following telephone number should be valid till the end of July.

(+81) +80 3410 2780

If you pass this number to third parties, please make sure to circulate
the text above at the same time.

Travel information for activists from abroad

* General information about domestic travel
Sapporo City Hall

* Map of Sapporo in English

* Passport Control
Japanese government
WATCH (Watch Human Rights on Summit)

* Info Point in Sapporo

Tokyo Actions against the G8 summit :demonstration

06/29/2008 - 14:30
06/29/2008 - 17:00

◎Time: 14:30

◎Place: Kashiwagi Koen (2 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Nishiguchi station of Toei Oedo line, or 7 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station of JR lines)


G8 Action Network Program in Hokkaido is now available

The most recent program in Hokkaido by G8 Action Network is now available by PDF file. The program includes day by day schedule from 4th to 9th July in Sapporo and other places in Hokkaido. Also detail information of each events, workshops, camp, infopoint, map for venue and others including introduction of organizers are appeared. This program is bilingual(Japanese and English).
A4 version
A3 version

Tokyo Actions against the G8 Summit


Tokyo Actions against the G8 summit

28-29 JUNE 2008


◇◆◇ Shut Down the G8 Summit ◇◆◇

The G8 summit will be held in Hokkaido, Japan. On 7-9th July, head of states from just eight of the world’s countries will gather together at Lake Toya. There they will make decisions on the future in the world, protected by the police and military. While the Japanese government welcomes the summit, many people who are dissatisfied with the decisions plan various actions against the summit.

The major powers of the G8 summit ignore justice, human rights, and social security. Instead, they push strongly for neoliberal policies which prioritize economic efficiency. These countries also strengthen military rule in the world under the guise of anti-terrorism. We oppose the summit, and organize actions against the summit in Tokyo to take place in the last weekend of June.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in actions with people who tackle with issues of poverty, labor, discrimination, war, violence, gender inequality, social exclusion, environmental destruction, abuse of human rights, food safety, agriculture, minority, and public order. Our aim is to spread our dissent to as many as possible people immediately before the G8 summit.

Urgent Statement: The Japanese government should immediately issue a visa to our comrade Trevor Ngwane

Urgent Statement: The Japanese government should immediately issue a visa to our comrade Trevor Ngwane and stop violating freedom of expression, assembly and association.

27th May, 2008

The fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV) started on 28th May in Yokohama, Japan. People concerned about TICAD IV organized a rally and assembly on 25th May ahead of TICAD IV, where comrade Trevor Ngwane was expected to speak as a keynote speaker to point out problems of TICAD IV as well as neo-liberal African development. Comrade Trevor was absolutely necessary to our activities against the TICAD IV. He had struggled against the Apartheid in South Africa, and he as chairperson of the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee struggles against the destructive results of on-going neo-liberal policies.

Unfortunately, comrade Trevor Ngwane could not visit Japan. Apparently, the Japanese government is intentionally hesitant about his entry, not saying Yes or No to it. It postponed the issuance of his visa, simply replying to us that it had not yet received official certificates of no crime with him. Consequently, our dear comrade from "Energetic Africa" often referred to as by the Japanese government couldn't join us. We were deprived of our chance to discuss with him to form solidarity with African people, while the government succeeded in shutting down different opinions or criticisms on TICAD IV.

Camp Information!

"G8 Action Network Convergence-center / Camp Work Group"

We've determined the two camp sites!
Currently, we're in the final stages of discussion with the administration.

The two sites are:

1) Toyoura-cho, Hokkaido - Toyoura Forest Park
2) Sobetsu-cho, Hokkaido - Orofure Rest House (Orofure Hotto Piaza)

Both camp venues are next to Toyako-cho, the town hosting the summit.

The camp will be held for four days during the summit:

July 6 (evening) ~ July 9

Please bring your own sleeping bag and tent.
We hope to see you all!

28April ICD: African Unions Want Better G8 Accountability Over AIDS

African Unions Want Better G8 Accountability Over AIDS

The General Secretary of ITUC-AFRO, Kwasi Adu-Smankwah has echoed the call by the Global Union AIDS Programme (GUAP) for trade unions to deliver a message about HIV/AIDS to the Japanese Embassy of their country regarding the G8 meeting of the richest countries of the world next July in Japan.

Network of Lawyers observing Human Rights around G8 Summit

Watch Human Rights on Summit
- Network of Lawyers observing Human Rights around G8 Summit -
Charter (Draft)

April 11, 2008

Yukihide Nakamura, Attorney at Law, Shizuoka
Yuichi Kaido, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Tadanori Onizuka, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Mitsuru Namba, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Kazuo Higuma, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Yukio Yamashita, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Koji Asaishi, Attorney at Law, Aomori
Kiyoshi Abe, Attorney at Law, Sendai
Morihiro Ichikawa, Attorney at Law, Sapporo
Takayuki Matsumoto, Attorney at Law, Kobe
Mikiko Ohtani, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Tadaaki Mutoh, Attorney at Law, Fukuoka
Shuichi Adachi, Attorney at Law, Hiroshima
Masato Wada, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Akio Taba, Attorney at Law, Tokyo
Yasushi Tadano, Attorney at Law, Tokyo

1. Situation around the G8 Summit

This year in July, the G8 Summit will be held at Lake Toya in Hokkaido.
Conferences related to the G8 will take place all over Japan in cities such as Tokyo, Niigata, Kobe, Yokohama, Aomori, Osaka and Kyoto.
Meanwhile, the police have intensified the surveillance of civil movements, e. g., by visiting offices of NGOs, who are planning actions during the summit, and by questioning the members about their activities.
Last year, a Korean citizen who visited Hachinohe in order to prepare the Peace and Green Boat which was co-organized by Japan and South Korea (600 participants expected) was denied to use the internet in an internet café.
We are afraid that in the months ahead, immigration control will be practiced more severely and members of NGOs from abroad who are planning any actions will be refused to enter Japan. Already, some incidents have occured which affirm these concerns: On March 7 of this year, a member of a Korean NGO who intended to visit Japan to participate at a conference was refused to enter Japan at the Narita Airport and was obliged to fly back to South Korea; it was only at her second attempt that she was allowed to enter. Also, a German who tried to enter Otaru Harbour from Russia with a cargo-passenger boat was refused at the border.
Recent media reports deal with the police being on high alert as an accomplished fact; critical discussions about such media attitude is – still – nonexistent.
In the last years, police authorities of different countries have been suppressing civil movements related to the G8 Summits partly with violence. Attracting the world’s attention as the host of the Summit, Japan might limit civil activities under the pretext of securing the Summit, regardless of whether the civil activities are related to the Summit or not. Therefore, there is a high risk of police controlling and surveilling excessively even the slightest radical civil activities during the Summit or related conferences.

Unions Target Japanese Embassies Over G8 Promises for Health & AIDS

28 April ICD will focus on G8 promises
Unions Target Japanese Embassies
Over G8 Promises for Health & AIDS

The Global Union AIDS Programme (GUAP) has kicked off a campaign asking unions and governments throughout the world to contact Japanese Embassies to convince the G8 Summit next July to strengthen health care systems and create a better accountability over its promises on HIV/AIDS.

Call to support for our action against the G8 Development Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo

Stop G8! Solidarity March in the South and the North

The Japanese government will host some Ministerial meetings before the G8 summit in Toyako in July. As a part of the meetings, the G8 Development Ministerial Meeting is planned in Tokyo on 5-6 April. Those kinds of Meetings had been held around the same time as the IMF and the World Bank's annual meetings before 2002. This shows that the Meeting has been strongly influenced by major powers and big businesses.

Need your help to prevent the inhuman act!!

"Need your help to prevent the inhuman act!!"
Dr. Martin Kraemer, who is an agriculture Doctor and professional artist
from Germany, is sending out an SOS to public. He was refused to entry
Japan as a tourist on March 10th 2008 and was now restrained in Otaru
port, Hokkaido, Japan on the ship that he boarded from his last visiting
country Russian Federation. The Otaru port branch of Immigration Bureau
of Japan unjustly refused Dr. Kraemer to enter Japan. Moreover, the
chief officer of Otaru port branch is saying that they will transport
Dr. Kraemer back to Russia, instead of his home country Germany, by the
same ship on March 14th 2008. However, there is a fact that Dr. Kraemer
was unreasonably constrained by the political police of Russia before he
departed to Otaru. He was tortured and even was threatened his life
during the custody. Thus, it will put his life in danger again if
Immigration Bureau of Japan sends him back to Russia, where he almost
lost his life but managed to get out of it. This is definitely the
nonhumanitarian act and we need to prevent it. Here, we call for your
help to do two things:

1. Call on Japanese government not to take the inhuman action that
transporting Dr. Kraemer back to Russia.

2. Appeal to Germany Embassy in Japan to press Japanese government to
assure their citizen's safety so Immigration Bureau of Japan would not
send him back to Russia.,templateId=sendKon...

Here, we ask your help from the heart and it is time for us to get
together to prevent this nonhumanitarian act!!



Resisting Free Trade, Militarism and Fighting for Real Solutions to Climate Change

The G8 Summit will be held this year from July 7-9 in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan. This will be a culmination of a series of ministerial preparation meeting beginning in March. The G8 Action Network, a network of various Japanese organizations and movements, is calling on all social movements, peasant organizations, women, migrants, urban and rural poor, fisherfolks
and civil society from all over the world who are resisting free trade in its many forms, war and militarism, the privatization of essential services and natural resources, illegitimate debt and the domination of global finance, and fighting for and building real people based solutions to global warming, to come and join us in the week of action against the G8 here in Japan.


The G8 nations account for just fourteen percent of the world’s population and yet decisions made at these summits dictate the course of the rest of the world. And now more than ever, the evidence is stark that decisions that these nations have made have brought nothing but worsening poverty, increasing insecurity, deepening indebtedness, militarization and wars and now they are pushing for market based solutions to climate change which threaten to endanger the future of the planet. The host of the summit, the Government of Japan, says that it will make this summit a summit on the climate. This is rank hypocrisy. The reality is that the government, under pressure from Japanese industry, is backing away from mandatory limits to
greenhouse gas emissions.

We can no longer let this continue. The time is now for all of us around the world to come together and join forces to make our voices heard and stop the G8 from doing any further damage to the world.


We will also begin preparations to challenge the G8 Summit beginning March.
We invite all of you to come to Japan and join in our international preparatory meeting from March 7-11, 2008.

This is our schedule:
March 7, 16:00: Press conference at Parliamentarian building
March 8-9: International Coordination Meeting & G8 Seminar
March 9: evening, Move to Hokkaido by plane
March 10-11: Activities in Hokkaido

If your organization is planning to attend the meeting, please email to register your participation. You can also contact this email for more information on the meeting.


As with all struggles, we can only be successful with the solidarity, support and involvement of movements and activists around the world in resisting this G8 Summit. We invite all of you who are with us in the struggle against trade liberalization, corporate globalization, war and militarism and false solutions to climate change and demanding for cancellation of all developing country debt to sign on to this call. We urge
all of you to join us in Japan and to strengthen our struggle and together, build another world.

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