Tokyo Actions against the G8 Summit


Tokyo Actions against the G8 summit

28-29 JUNE 2008


◇◆◇ Shut Down the G8 Summit ◇◆◇

The G8 summit will be held in Hokkaido, Japan. On 7-9th July, head of states from just eight of the world’s countries will gather together at Lake Toya. There they will make decisions on the future in the world, protected by the police and military. While the Japanese government welcomes the summit, many people who are dissatisfied with the decisions plan various actions against the summit.

The major powers of the G8 summit ignore justice, human rights, and social security. Instead, they push strongly for neoliberal policies which prioritize economic efficiency. These countries also strengthen military rule in the world under the guise of anti-terrorism. We oppose the summit, and organize actions against the summit in Tokyo to take place in the last weekend of June.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in actions with people who tackle with issues of poverty, labor, discrimination, war, violence, gender inequality, social exclusion, environmental destruction, abuse of human rights, food safety, agriculture, minority, and public order. Our aim is to spread our dissent to as many as possible people immediately before the G8 summit.

☆★☆ 28th June Saturday ☆★☆

≪≪ Concurrent Meeting ≫≫

--- Each group organizes a workshop on labor, poverty, militarism, gender, free trade, public order, debt problems in poorer countries, public service, or the like.

◎Time: afternoon

◎Place: everywhere in Tokyo


≪≪ General Meeting ≫≫

--- Suzan George, a famous alter-globalization activist of ATTAC France and Transnational Institute, will give speech on the title “the G8 summit and neo-liberalism”. Also, you can get information on actions against the summit in Hokkaido in early July.

◎Time: 18:00

◎Place: Bunkyo Kumin Center Room 3A (1 minute on foot from Kasuga station of Toei Oedo line and Toei Mita line, 3 minutes on foot from Korakuen station of Tokyo metro Nanboku line and Marunouchi line, or 10 minutes on foot from Sudobashi station of JR line)


☆★☆ 29th June Sunday ☆★☆

≪≪ Demonstration ≫≫

◎Time: 14:30

◎Place: Kashiwagi Koen (2 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Nishiguchi station of Toei Oedo line, or 7 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station of JR lines)



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