International people's solidarity days

July 4-8, 2008, Hokkaido, Japan
Resisting Free Trade, Militarism and Fighting for Real Solutions to Climate Change
No more world creating inequality, poverty and social disparity
We demand Climate Justice!
Join the International People’s Solidarity Days to discuss and build our alternatives

The G8 Summit will be held this year from July 7-9 in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan. This will be a culmination of a series of ministerial preparation meeting beginning in March. The G8 Action Network, a network of various Japanese organizations and movements, is calling on all social movements, peasant organizations, women, migrants, urban and rural poor, fisherfolk and civil society from all over the world who are resisting free trade in its many forms, war and militarism, the privatization of essential services and natural resources, illegitimate debt and the domination of global finance, and fighting for and building real people based solutions to global warming, to come and join in the week of action against the G8 here in Japan.


Islands being submerged by rising sea levels, the collapse of financial systems, rising food prices – crisis is spreading across the world. The world is now feeling the consequences of neoliberal globalization and developing countries that were forced to deregulate and liberalize their economies are now at the mercy of this global crisis. The global food crisis is but the latest of the crises spawned by neoliberalism. These series of crises have brought to the forefront the flawed policies of corporate globalization, which has brought nothing but worsening poverty, increasing insecurity and deepening indebtedness. The policies of the G8 have also increased militarization and wars and now they are pushing for market-based solutions to climate change, which threaten to endanger the future of the planet.

We can no longer let this continue. The time is now for all of us around the world to come together and join forces to make our voices heard and stop the G8 from doing any further damage to the world.


We invite all of you to come to Japan and join in our International People’s Solidarity Days from July 4-8. Through discussions and exchanges with different people around the world, we will build and strengthen our resistance to the G8 and neoliberal globalization and present our proposals for alternatives and strategies on how Another World based on justice, equality and peace is achieved.

We are now accepting applications for registration for your self-organized workshops, seminars, symposiums, stalls, performances and the like for the International People’s Solidarity Days from July 4-8. Deadline for registration is June 16. Please see the website for more details:


As with all struggles, we can only be successful with the solidarity, support and involvement of movements and activists around the world in resisting this G8 Summit. We invite all of you who are with us in the struggle against trade liberalization, corporate globalization, war and militarism and false solutions to climate change and demanding for cancellation of all developing country debt to sign on to this call. We urge all of you to join us in Japan and to strengthen our struggle and together, build another world.

see Japanese endorsers

Alliance of Progressive Labor, Philippines
Campaign for Alternative Industry Network, Thailand
Carbon Trade Watch
Convergence for community centered area development (CONVERGENCE)
Focus on the Global South
FTA Watch Thailand
Global Network
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
Indonesian Peasants Union (SPI)
Jubilee South-Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development
Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)
Migrant Forum in Asia
Oilwatch Southeast Asia
Stop the New Round! Philippines
Transnational Institute
Womyn's Agenda for Change, Cambodia
Anti Debt Coalition Indonesia (KAU)
Freedom from Debt Coalition, Philippines
Gerak Lawan, Indonesia

★International people's solidarity days

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★Now accepting application for your self-organized activities during the International Peoples Solidarity Days!
We are accepting your application for your own workshops, seminars, symposiums, stalls, performance, or the like during the International Peoples Solidarity Days to be planned at Cadel-2.7, L-Plaza, or Odori Park 6-chome, hopefully by June 16, so that your plan of activities could be included in our information paper.