Need your help to prevent the inhuman act!!

"Need your help to prevent the inhuman act!!"
Dr. Martin Kraemer, who is an agriculture Doctor and professional artist
from Germany, is sending out an SOS to public. He was refused to entry
Japan as a tourist on March 10th 2008 and was now restrained in Otaru
port, Hokkaido, Japan on the ship that he boarded from his last visiting
country Russian Federation. The Otaru port branch of Immigration Bureau
of Japan unjustly refused Dr. Kraemer to enter Japan. Moreover, the
chief officer of Otaru port branch is saying that they will transport
Dr. Kraemer back to Russia, instead of his home country Germany, by the
same ship on March 14th 2008. However, there is a fact that Dr. Kraemer
was unreasonably constrained by the political police of Russia before he
departed to Otaru. He was tortured and even was threatened his life
during the custody. Thus, it will put his life in danger again if
Immigration Bureau of Japan sends him back to Russia, where he almost
lost his life but managed to get out of it. This is definitely the
nonhumanitarian act and we need to prevent it. Here, we call for your
help to do two things:

1. Call on Japanese government not to take the inhuman action that
transporting Dr. Kraemer back to Russia.

2. Appeal to Germany Embassy in Japan to press Japanese government to
assure their citizen's safety so Immigration Bureau of Japan would not
send him back to Russia.,templateId=sendKon...

Here, we ask your help from the heart and it is time for us to get
together to prevent this nonhumanitarian act!!