Japan Christian Activity News

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No. 741 Winter 2007

Year of the Wild Board

No. 740 Summer

"Empowered by the Spirit:
Unity within Diversity"

No. 739 Spring

"Hope for Peace"

No. 738 Spring

"Beyond Nationalism: The Inculturation of Christianity in
the Diversifying Context of Japan"

No. 737 Fall/Winter

"The Last Samurai? The Christianity and the Sword"

No. 736 Spring/Summer 2004

"Longing for Peace in the Midst of Crisis"

Special Interview with Dr. Chi Myung-Gwan
September 2003

No.718, Sekai

Autumn 2003
  1. Theology and Mission : In Search of New Directions
  2. Please Believe that You Are Already Saved Japanese pastor challenges traditional view of theology and mission
  3. Catholic Theologians Meet to Discuss Dialogue with Other Religions
  4. Ecumenism From the Perspective of Civil Society by Kenichi Otsu
  5. Japanese spirituality and the World of Monotheism - Inauguration Lectures at CISMOR reviewed by Christian M.. Hermansen
  6. Christians in Japan Appeal for War Resistance
  7. German-Japanese Church Consultation
  8. Joint Declaration on Mission by German and Japanese Churches
  9. gPearls of Faithh
  10. New NCC Membership Opportunities
  11. Getting Contextual Theologies Into the Seminaries by Hisako Kinukawa
  12. NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions
  13. Asian Rural Institute
  14. Food Bank Japan
  15. Kibo no ie
  16. Habitat for Humanity in Japan
  17. HELP and Step House
  18. Kapatiean





  1. NCCJ 35th General Assembly
  2. Letter to NCCJ's Friends and Supporters
  3. Message to the NCCJ Gneral Assembly form Rev.Dr.Konrad Raiser,WCC
  4. Word of Greeting to the 35th General Assembly form Rev.Martina Helmer Pham Xuan, EKD
  5. gA Matter of Oikoumeneh:Presentation to the NCCJ General Assembly by Dr.Ahn Jae Woong,CCA
  6. Demands Resolved by teh NCCJ 35th General Assembly
  7. Party to Bid Farewell to Rev. Kenichi Otsu and Welcome Rev. Toshimasa Yamamoto as the New General Secretary of NCCJ
  8. War on Iraq: Christians in Japan Respond Japanese Baptist Pastor Acts as gHuman Shieldhin Iraq
  9. Letter to President Bush from NCCJ
  10. Protests by NCCJ Peace and Nuclear Issues Committee
  11. Letter to President Bush form the Interfaith Peace Network
  12. Promoting Peace in our Life and Work : Presentation by Rev. Kenichi Otsu
  13. Overcoming Violence For a Chain of Joy : Mission Statemento fo the Third Ecumenical Council for Students and Youth Movements in Japan
  14. Obituary
  15. ‚m‚b‚b Calendar Highlights
No.733 Fall/Winter 2002-3 Contents
  1. Environmental Workshop in Japan Pursues the Roles of Seminaries and Churches with Respect to the Environment
  2. Book review: Ox Against the Storm
  3. Former Concentration Camp for Chinese Workers at Ashio
  4. A History of teh Christian Envionmental Movement in Japan
  5. Environmental Programs of Tokyo YMCA
  6. The Committee for Environmental Issues and Public Nuisances as an Envionmental Program of the Japan Baptist Convention (JBC)
  7. The Japan YWCA Movement to Abolish Nuclear Weapans and Phase Out Nuclear Power
  8. The Human Environment in Crisis : Focus on Chemical Pollutants
  9. News from the NCC Center fot the Study of Japanese Religions
  10. Obituaries I Can No Longer Be With You : A Painful Message to My Friends form Yayori Matsui
  11. NCCJ Calendar Highlights