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The People's Plan Study Group (PPSG), set up in 1998 as a network of social movement activists and action-committed intellectuals, aims to search for alternative social, economic, and cultural systems controlled by the people that will eventually take over global capitalism with all its destructive cosequences.

PPSG believes it is crucial to identify potentialities of the people to bring about changes. Learning from, and linking itself with, the praxis and thinking developed by like-minded people in parts of the world, particularly Asia, PPSG gropes for people's alternatives on the basis of critical evaluation of the past movements for social transformation, always asking ourselves who we are who do this.

PPSG intends to go beyond borders of gender, generation, nation, and culture while respecting differences in positions and approaches.

Aoyama Kaoru, Ogura Toshimaru, Muto Ichiyo

Board members
Akiyama Naoe, Amano Yasukazu, Ohta Masakuni, Ohashi Seiko, Kaji Etsuko,
Kanai Yoshiko, Kaneko Fumio, Kawamoto Takashi, Kinoshita Chigaya, Saito Junichi,
Saito Hideharu, Shiokawa Yoshinobu, Sirakawa Masumi, Tanaka Toshiyuki,
Chimura Kazushi, Tsuruta Masahide, Tono Haruhi, Nakamura Hisashi,
Hanazaki Kohei,
Hirota Shizure, Furuta Mutsumi, C. Douglas Lummis

Office address: Sunrise Shinjuku 3F, 2-4-15 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0072
Phone/fax: +81 3 5273 8362

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