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The People's Plan Quarterly is PPSG's journal reflecting the cncerns of PPSG and serving as an arena of productive interaction between activists and researchers. Each issue contains an editorial, three or four main analytical articles, interviews, reports on new initiatives in social movements, book reviews, evaluation of movement, PPSG activity reports, and translated overseas articles. The contributions are from PPSG members and also from outside authors. Originally a bi-monthly journal, PPQ from 2001 became a 130-150 page quarterly distributed to bookstores. It is in Japanese. Price: 1,200 yen per issue.

Among the titles of the past special issues are:
Post-colonialism or neo-colonialism?
Critical reflections on the postwar progressive view of Japanese history
Democracy beyond borders
Our "third choice" - demilitarized security, well-being without growth
Toward alternative socio-economic systems
People's living insecurity and social solidarity
Metamorphosis of the Japanese state?
People's security or state security?
Coming to terms with Japan's war responsibility, ethics and subjectivities
For a world without military - Okinawa Forum for People's Security
Local communities and local autonomy
East Asia as the arena of rootedness
Casting a new light on the peace Constitution
Employment and labor movement
Feminism today, where it stands
Popular forces countering globalization
Bush war of retaliation and corporate globalization

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