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Takeshi Ishihara: America should not have taken reprisals.

Recently, North Alliance got back the capital of Afghanistan, but America still continue to attack. America failed to define meaning of who is a terrorist. Today, I would like to talk about how we should deal with terrorism.

First of all, I want to suggest that America should not have taken reprisals against Afghanistan, because, the purpose of military attacking is unclear. I don't know whether America wants to take reprisals or prevent terrorism. America should find another way to solve this problem, because we have learned a lot from previous wars. Military attacks only make victims, sorrow, and another military attack; actually Anthrax scare hits America. Now America is seemed to be right, and Japan only agree with America, and obey. As the other way, I suggest that United Nations should take economic blockade or economic sanctions.

Secondly, everyone thinks America has the biggest military power in the world, and also there is no doubt that America has strong economical power. Big countries must have big responsibilities of saving their power, self-control. If big countries did as they like, it's natural for the other small countries to have the feelings of anti-something, such as anti-America. Of course, in the world, there are so many values, beliefs, languages, religions, and ways of thinking. Those kinds of differences are the very important factors to keep their identities. If everything is the same, there may not be conflict or argument, but everything must be boring, I feel, and there is no development or progress. America's action is removing the values that America dislikes. I think America wants to make the other countries obey. The president, Bush said Taliban will come to a tragic end like Japan. This means America can do everything, and if you are against America, America beats you. America is like an autocrat.

Thirdly, I suppose, "Is this a war or retaliation?" The purpose of attacking is really ambiguous, so the end of attacking is also unclear. As you know Afghanistan is under attack, the victims are increasing even now. They are not only armies but also the people. Many innocent people were killed in vain. We should prevent such a meaningless murder. Afghanistan is now under control of North Alliance. There is no scare of Taliban, but America doesn't stop attacking. I can't find any reasons why they continue to attack.

In conclusion, I think it is useless for America to continue to attack Afghanistan. This attacking only causes the other terrorism. There is no profit, and even I feel it is not clever to continue to attack. America should be calm, look the purpose of attacking again, and notice what is right and what is wrong. Killing people must be wrong.

Shoko Ito: Terrorism

About three months ago, planes lunged towards the World Trade Center. It was done by terrorists.

The terrorism gave American people great damage. Many people (for example, passengers, people working at the World Trade Center, fire workers) are dead or injured. Besides that, many people experienced emotional shock. Terrorists hurt many people indiscriminately, so I think terrorist members and the leader have to be punished.

At last, war began. I think war is not right, because war kills people who are not concerned with crimes like terrorism, and reprisals also bring reprisals. America was seriously hurt, and in return it causes damage to Afghanistan by air strikes. And some Afghanistan general people actually seemed to be hurt. Taliban hinted that terrorism would happen again. We must stop the war, it's a not peaceful solution.

At first, America suggested the Taliban turn bin Laden over, but it wasn't accepted. So war began. Then, the American president gave the Taliban a second chance, saying that if they hand over bin Laden, the U.S. air strikes will halt, but they didn't again. I don't know the reason, but if so, peace will be kept.

I am afraid of when and where terrorism happens, but we have to live ordinarily. We have to do all we can do to help displaced people so that relationships between countries become friendly and people in the world can live peacefully. I think bin Laden has to be punished, but we have to bring the war to an end. I hope war will finish soon.

Teruko Ishihara: About Terrorism in America

Out of all of the different -isms, terrorism probably has the most explosions, and the terrorism happened in America in this September killed thousands of people at once.

Why are people still arguing if America should attack Afghanistan or not? I often hear people say that the innocent people should not be killed. Who killed the innocent people in America? Even if no one knows exactly where bin Laden is, he should be in Afghanistan. America should just go ahead and nuke Afghanistan. Some people would say that America should not nuke Afghanistan because there are lots of innocent people around Afghanistan, however, human beings have to learn from failures, it means people sometimes have to be an object to make a lesson to others. If America nukes Afghanistan this time, they will probably learn something: we should not attack others because in order to take revenge, they will do something really bad 3 times as much as we did.

bin Laden is responsible for many acts of terrorism in the past even if he didn't do anything this time. No one can think lots of good things will come out of letting him live. He should be killed as soon as possible, and he can't do anything wrong any more.

I don't know how many people read the Koran before, but the Islamic religion does not approve of, and in fact if strongly opposed to, killing and violence of any kind. I don't understand why people in Afghanistan believe bin Laden, not the Koran. They are not Muslims at all. If they were true Muslims, they didn't kill themselves to kill American people. It doesn't matter if people who believe in what Laden says forgot to read the Koran or not, but they will surely be killed soon.

Whomever is responsible for the terrorist actions against the US, and the Taliban, who are obviously supporting them should pay for their actions tenfold. Not only as punishment for their wrongdoing, but also to set on example for those who would follow in their misguided foot steps.

Kyoko Ishida: What did we learn from the terrorists attacks?'

Many innocent lives have been lost because of the terrorists attacks which happened on eleventh September. We can't forgive the terrorists who have done this, so I can understand that America wants to take revenge on those people.

The president Bush says it's not an attack on the Muslims and the people who live in Afghanistan. It's an attack on the Taliban's military base, and the purpose is not to let the terrorists attacks happen again. However, what do you think we can see after America's attack on Afghanistan?

In my opinion, what America is doing now is nearly the same thing as the terrorist attack because it takes innocent lives, too. There are many more victims in America than in Afghanistan now, but it's not a problem of the number of people who died. I think we should think what we learned from the terrorists attacks. I'm sure that people realize how precious our lives are. So we know we should respect our lives. I think we also need to think about the reason why it happened. Unless we solve the problem, terrorist attacks will happen again and again.

bin Laden should be punished, of course, but it will not be the end. I can see only animosity between America and Afghanistan after America's attack. The war is not the best way to solve the problem. We can't waste the victim's precious lives, so we have to try our best and be careful not to repeat the tragedy.

Daisuke Ichimiya:

As far as I know, bin Ladin is the leader of the terrorist groups and I'm considerably sure that it is a common knowledge between people. As such, it is natural that he should take on the responsibility for the innocent New Yorkers who were killed in these attacks. It's a pity that a few Americans were infected with Anthrax and were enable to escape death from that.

As we've learned form the past wars; i.e. First/Second World War, causing and suffering much pains all over the world, we concluded that wars were really nonsense at all times and it should be disappeared from the world completely. Despite these facts, bin Ladin would not understand what he has done and been doing against USA, so it's no wonder that American people is longing to revenge on their enemy, that is, Afghanistan.

I don't want to mention, however, that almost all the Afghani people dislike or want to fight against America because I know that Afghani people, who mostly believe in Islam, are basically calm, quite friendly to foreigners, strically religious, and willing to escape any conficts with any other countries. They even try to neither drink alchol nor eat pork, although many men do smoke hashish. If I start to talk about their cultures and find out the cause of this matters inside them, it may involve the way of their thinking, economic situation, history and even mutual relationships with America, so this time I won't refer to them because I'm not an expert on their issues.

Then, what should/can we do to deal with this complicated situation from now on? I suppose that the best thing is that we try to accept refugees who are streaming across the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan. I have heard that a large number of refugees from Afghanistan are going to Pakistan but Pakistani government have no money to take care of all refugees and cannot afford the rest.

In conclusion, I want to say that the responsible are not only bin Ladin but also Afghani, Pakistani, American, and us. It seems to me that this terrible matter is very complicated and tough to resolve for anyone in the world. But, we've got to keep in mind that each one of us should find whatever we can help, try to lessen the number of the victims and be responsible to ourselves as a human being.

Nami Ito:

When I first knew that terrorist's attacks happened in New York. I was shocked and I thought the scene of accident was like a part of a movie. The world is beginning to go mad!

I thought the world was in peace and people didn't have to worry about war any longer until the terrorist's attacks happened. At least, I hoped war would never begin.

After World War 2, all the people led a peaceful life and nobody thought if war begins again, what they should do.But it's true that tragedy of war has raised the curtain.

America began to retaliate against Afghanistan after all. But I want them to reconsider a meaning of war! One country attacks the other, and the latter takes revenge on the former. They repeat this absurd competition again and again without looking back at situations they are in. Many innocent citizens are injured by war and they lead to poverty. What a cruel society this is!!

I want to insist that people in every country don't go to a useless war, sacrificing many innocent people, but they solve problems bringing the source of war by having a conversation with each other. I hope people can realize a peaceful solution as soon as possible.

Yoshiko Itokawa: About the attack

I went to New York during my summer vacation, and I saw the smoke of the world trade center on September 11th. Then I stayed the hotel Pensylvania in front of Madison Square Garden, near the Empire State Building. There was a misunderstanding about a terrorist attack on the building, then I ran away from the hotel. It was very frightening!!!!!

I think both thought of Bin laden and Bush make sense in other wards, I can agree with two people partially. But it is not a good way to begin a war to solve this problem toward all over the world , because huge amount of people were killed by the attack and bombs. It is better for citizens that Bin Laden appears and talks with Bush. If he will not appear, the war would be more and more terrible and more and more people will die.

I hate that people killed with guns or bombs even in the movies. If I were there, I would commit suicide, because I cannot stand the war. So, I hope that the war will finish very soon.

Yoshie Oizumi: Terrorist attack on the USA

The other day the terrorist attack on the USA. Suddenly terrorist attacks happened. It was shoching news and made an impact on people all over the world, so I thought about these terrorist attacks on the USA.

I can't believe the fearful terrorist attacks still now, because it was too fierce and cruel. I can't forgive the terrorists and I also felt anger, because I think to kill someone isn't conceivable as a human.

In the first place, I disagree with a world war, because it injures and harms many many people. I think a war benefits nobody and it produces more refugees than now, so it maybe difficult to solve an international dispute, but I hope the war will come to an end as soon as possible. I hope the dispute about terrorist problem is settled by peaceful means, not war, except millitary power. Though I only watch the world situation on TV, I hope it will not get worse from the bottom of my heart.

Nami Urakawa: The Peace Of The World

"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." - Theodore Roosevelt - 26th U.S. President

Now, most important problem in the world is the relationship between America and Afghanistan, and in the situation what we have to think is where the world is and where it is going.

Taliban attacked important places in the U.S.A., and all people in America want to kill bin Ladin. Just like that America bombed the places bin Ladin might be. There's no doubt that U.S.government and Taliban want to be on the brink of war.

On the present occasion, Japan is also in a dangerous situation, but Japan spends money on the aid to America without strengthening her defenses against terror groups. In addition to that, Japanese leaders, from the Premier down, forget the meaning of their low, in which Japan must spread the spirit of peace all over the world. Therefore the reason why I quoted Theodore Roosevelt is Japan does the wrong way of spending money and another thing she does is nothing.

Taking every factor into consideration, one thing I can be sure is that the whole world yeans for a world where there is no war, but it seems almost impossible to realize this dream.

Maiko Imagawa: A world without wars

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

In America, a lot of lives were taken through the Terrorist attacks, and also Afghanistan, many people are obliged to escape because of the attacks. What is worse, they are suffering from hunger, and now, the situation is getting worse. If America continues the attack, a large number of people will be sacrificed.

What we should do now is to remember our past tragedy. I have ever heard my grandparents' story during the war. What could nuclear weapons and wars resolve? They just made a lot of hated and grief. We must learn from our past mistakes.

To solve the problems, we have to talk and find the best way to make a peaceful world. Maybe it will take a lot of time , however, it's necessary for our peaceful future.

In conclusion,it is not right to resolve of the problem of hatred chain, so now, we should reconsider about "true peace" ,and for that purpose, we need talk and search for it.

Yoko Uchida: A call for true peace

When will real peace come to world? Everyone wonders that.

We all wish for world peace. Some news caught my eye. I was very surprised to watch the news. America was attacked by terrorists. I was scared of the terrorist attacks. The attacks by terrorists which Bin Laden leads should be obstructed. I think terrorist attacks against America are a thing which can't be forgiven. Bin Laden is trying to escape from what he did. He is just hiding. He is not thinking of citizens at all. He don't face up to this problem. We can't overlook it.

On the other hand, America also started to attack Afghanistan last time. Attacks by America against Afghanistan are wrong, too because many citizens will sacrificed in the attacks. So I can't agree with America. I think America shouldn't use its military. I think the attacks by the military don't bring a solution to the problem between Afghanistan and America.

In addition, Japan shouldn't support America. I think even if Japan supplies America with only food without a nuclear weapon, supporting America is the same as Japan attacking Afghanistan even if it is indirectly like America attacks Afghanistan.

In conclusion, the purpose of America is to suppress the terrorist organizations. Just so, the terrorist organizations should be oppressed, but being a victim is all citizen in both Afghanistan and America. I think the hope of citizens is by no means fighting by military power. I want both Afghanistan and America think of that. I think America should stop attacks against Afghanistan early.

Haruka Ito: Terrorists attacked

Terrorists attacked America. In the wake of the terrorists attacks, America began to get revenge on the terrorists. The aerial bombing started on the Taliban continues.

I feel very scared. Many people were killed in the terrorists attacks. As a result, the Self-Defense Forces were acted. As a result, a war may happen. I oppose happening the war absolutely. there is no point waring.

When I watched terrorists attacks, I couldn't understand what had happened. In any case, I was very suprised and shocked. I didn't believe the scene. I remembered it deeply. The impact was an unexpected occurrence happened.

I thought what is the world coming to? Until now, the world was peaceful but the peaceable world and life may be destroyed soon. Now the world is in danger. I hope this incident end safely.

Kanako Inoue: The unfortunate incident of New York

I was very surprised so words failed me. On September 11th, terrorists attacked New York city and two high-buildings were destroyed by them. As a result of this terrorism, quite a number of people were killed and injured.

I was sorry to hear that cruel news and I got angry about terrorists because, they made victims of a lot of innocent people. Now, the situation between America and Afghanistan is under extremetension so that people get scared and worry about the war that happens today. I think people are afraid of what incidents will happen next.

The war that started between the two nations seems to be drawn out. However, I don't want to injure innocent people. I hope to bring the war to an and people don't sacrifice their lives in the war any more.

Nothing but peace will save mankind!!

Kinue Ito

Terrorism attack happened in September 11,2001. When it happened,there were many opinions all over the world whether war should break out or not. So I would like to explain my opinion about terrorism.

I don't agree with American way of breaking out the war unless taliban surrender,because the war is not fair. I think there are many people who are not connected with terrorists,but these people also have the possibility of being killed by America. America should consider the situation of Afghanistan and other countries. There are many sufferers. I always wonder if there are othere ways of making peace,for example,America and Afghanistan could hold a conference for peace.

The Japanese government's step is also wrong because it was too late.Prime Minister Koizumi made some comments but the comments were vague. Mr. Koizumi should make more detailed comments. In my opinion,the Self-Defense Forces should go to Afghanistan to help sufferers.

I sometimes think about why the terrorism occured. America is center of economics in the world but Afghanistan is poor. So I think the taliban sent a message to help poor countries through terrorism.

In conclusion,of course the terrorism is bad action,but we should think about the condition of world and cope with the situation,not through war.

Miho Iwai:

When the terrorism occured, I was in America. I had stayed at one home, Japanese family. They were locals so they heard some rumors. One rumor was that American President, Bush, has known America was going to be attacked. But he allowed the terrorism because he wants to raise their armament.

I don't know whether it is true or not. Maybe some people who don't agree with Bush said such a thing. I also disagree with him. I think he should have solved this problem without killing people. It is wrong to kill people to stop terrorism.

I can't understand why it's ok to kill people in a war but to kill people in a terrorist attack is bad. Both of them are bad!!

In conclusion, if the rumor is true, the decision of Bush is wrong. It's worst to kill people or to pass such a big terrorism. The idea of attacking and killing to stop the terrorism is also bad. I hate to hear the news someone is killed.

I wish we would get peace forever.

Keiko Ohkubo: Terrorist attacks

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, a goodwill envoy, said "Don't attack Afghan children any more."

On 11th September, Terrorist attacks occured. The World Trade Center was attacked by hijacked planes. Then America retalited against Afghanistan. I am afraid of the terrible incidents. Some people said Japan is the next target, and might be attacked these days. If the incidents occur in Japan, my family, my friends and I might die. I do not want to die! Many people greive when someone they love has died. To lose someone I love is more sorrowful than any other thing.

I feel very sad about Afghanistan. Now they are made refugees. They have to leave their country to avoid the attacks by America. However America attacked to Afghanistan because of retaliation or combat against terrorist attacks. The President expressed that they retaliated against terrorist attacks, not Afghani people. In fact, however, Afghani citizens were attacked. They did not do the terrorist attacks, so they have no crime. From now on, the weather will get colder, thus many Afghanis, especially children might feel cold and freezing. I think that things are getting worse and worse.

I insist that the retaliation must be stopped as soon as possible, so that the Afgani citizens are not wounded any more.

Kouhei Inada: Reprisal Attack

I can't allow terrorist attack . It's a terrible act . It killed many people who are innocent .

But I think , the United States also must not do reprisal attacks . Because reprisal attacks just cause new reprisal attack . Actually , United States did Reprisal Attack , and a lot of guiltless people were killed .

United States have to seek and arrest only ringleader and the problem will be solved with minimum victims .

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