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Japan NGO Alternative Report, Now Available ONLINE!!

The Japan NGO Alternative Report for the Beijing+5 Review was publicly launched on 13th August 1999 in Japanese and English. The complete Report has been made available on line.

Check from this URL www.jca.apc.org/fem/bpfa/report_en.html

News and Updates

Receiving update informtion for English pages
If you wish to receive update information for English language site only, please send an email to <women2000-request@jca.apc.org> requesting for update information.

For those with capability to read Japanese on your computer, we have fem-women2000 mailinglist to keep you posted on the developments as well as update informaiton for this site. For discription in Japanese, pleae see www.jca.apc.org/fem/bpfa/subscribe.html about our japanese language based mailing lists

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