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(29 June 2000)
See how Japan is doing in it's implemenation of Section G of the Platform for Action. Please also visit our General Election Increase Women! site with gender-oriented statistics and illustrations from the Lower House election that took place on 25th June 2000. (16 June 2000)
We're terribly sorry that we haven't been so up to date in updating the webpages for this section. Please check out the search system or the mailing list archive to locate the information required. This page is updated on almost every day basis. Linked in the upper blue box.

The Japan NGO Alternative Report was prepared by compiling inputs from Japanese women's group and individuals. The Report was prepared by coalition of members of women's organizations as an input to Women 2000 Conference that will review implementaiton of the Beijng Platform for Action after 5 years. The Report will provide alternative views to Japan's Official Governmental Report prepared in response to Questionnaire circulated by UN Division for Advancement of Women. (See this page for some background to the NGO Report preparation process.)

 The Japan NGO Report Preparatory Committee is coalition of Japanese women's NGOs and individual women who constitute active parts of the women's movement in Japan.

 Since call for establishment of the Committee on 18th April 1999, the members have jointly worked to prepare the Japan NGO Report, through mailing lists and face-to-face Meetings that took place on a monthly basis. See our page on Committee activities.

 The Japan NGO Report Preparatory Committee will further work with other women in East Asia sub-region, then with Asia Pacific region, to create sub-regional and regional NGO Alternative Report which will be a shared input to the Women 2000 Conference taking place in June 2000.

 The activities of the Japan Committee will be reported through <> mailing list (in Japanese and English). We also welcome your contribution related to Women 2000 posted to the <fem-women2000> mailing list.

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