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030430-7 / Russia and France to Collaborate More Closely in Area of Defense/MOSCOW, April 29/rosbaltnew

030430-6 / Malaysia To Press For OIC Emergency Meeting On Iraq/Kuala Lumpur (IslamOnline.net)/04/27

030430-5 / Blair Hopeful of High-Level Contacts With Iran/tehrantimes/April 30

030430-4 / PM Ariel Sharon at the Holocaust remembrance ceremony: 'Never again will Jews be defenseless.'/haaretz/29/04

030430-3 / The day Straw and Blair nearly quit/ACK STRAW discloses today in The Times/April 26

030430-2 / LYNDON LAROUCHE ON BBC: `A War That Has No Satisfactory Exit'/April 3

030430-1 / French atrocities/why the French have behaved as they do regarding the United States/April 29/worldnetdaily

030429-6 / Israeli Communications Priorities 2003/vital new Israeli propaganda strategy/The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee(ADC) has obtained

030429-5 / For Lack of a Beautiful Mind/Barbara Bush, the queen mother/Why should we hear about body bags and deaths...?/April 16

030429-4 / Apathy and Amnesia: a Major Weapon of the Bush/Blair Alliance/counterpunch/April 19

030429-3 / Kirkuk Under Control Of Talabani/Flags in different colors/Turkmen front/Turkmen Islam/PUK/KDP(Barzan)/4/26/turkishpress

030429-2 / Barzani: Kurds are entitled to have an independent state/no reason for US forces to remain in Iraq/27/04/London (KurdishMedia.com)

030429-1 / Gas, chemicals, bombs: Britain has used them all before in Iraq/Our last occupation /Guardian/April 19

030425-5 / U.S. Warns Against Iranian Interference in Iraq/.ru/24.04

030425-4 / French FM in Tehran/dismissed U.S. threats to punish France/tehrantimes/April 24

030425-3 / Beginning of Countdown for the End of U.S. Presence/in Iraq, as well as the rest of the Middle East/April 24, 2003/TEHRAN

030425-2 / ru/U.S. Warns Against Iranian Interference in Iraq/we would oppose any outside interference in Iraq/23.04/WASHINGTON (Reuters)

030425-1 / raqi Ambassador to Russia Proud of His Nation/American politicians staked on the Divide et Empere principle/invasion stalled/Pravda/04-07

030424-2 / What Happened to the Iraqi Army and Leadership?/ome preliminary thoughts/by Abu Nicola Al Yunani/freearabvoice

030424-1 / A prominent Iraqi Shia cleric apparently detained by US forces reappeared in central Baghdad/aljazeera/22, April

030423-5 / Pictures of volunteers trained in Iraq

030423-4 / [Appointing Garner] is a lovely example of our indifference to the people of Iraq/info@stopjaygarner.com

030423-3 / Saddam called for urban war/ entirely ignored by his generals in the heat of battle/gulf-news/April 21

030423-2 / SEPT. 11'S SMOKING GUN: THE MANY FACES OF SAEED SHEIKH/The ISI: "The Invisible Government"/updated February 25, 2003

030423-1 / he Collapse of Dictatorship!/A News Bulletin issued by the Iraqi Communist Party /20-4-2003

030422-10 / Rumsfeld Denies Report US Seeks Long-term Military Bases in Iraq/21 Apr

030422-9 / WCPI/The Statement of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq on: The Collapse of the Fascist Baath Regime/No to the US alternative! /April 9

030422-8 / The pulling down of the Statue was a staged media event/New York Indymedia, 10 April/The best I could find untli now: 22/4

030422-7 / So who really did save Private Jessica?/.time/Doctor claims that soldiers terrorised unarmed staff/April 16

030422-6 / While we are busy in Iraq, the real culprits of 9-11 remain largely free./ SEPT. 11'S SMOKING GUN:

030422-5 / Iran Media Leaks Secret Deal Behind Demise Of Baghdad/Apr 15, 2003

030422-4 / Anthrax, chemicals and nerve gas: who is lying?/Growing evidence of deception by Washington/independent/20 April

030422-3 / ru/First Newspaper to Hit Baghdad's Streets Is Red/20.04/picture of a child victim of the U.S.-led war

030422-2 / Saddam Sealed Betrayal Deal: Iraqi Diplomat/April 17/IslamOnline

030422-1 / Saddam turned down last-minute Russian call to go/12 Apr/MOSCOW (Reuters)

030421-2 / Iraq- Did Portugal have all the facts?/Iran was responsible for the Halabja gassing in 1988/one of the pretexts

030421-1 / The Collapse of Dictatorship!/as a result of invasion and war/Central Organ of the Iraqi Communist Party /April 2003

030420-6 / Gunfire interrupts first press conference by 'Pentagon's man'/Chalabi/independent/19 April

030420-5 / What has happened/1st press release given by Sheikh Abu Iyad the Amir of the Mujahideen in Baghdad/April 17

030420-4 / 'A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation...' /commondreams/Actor Tim Robbins/Washington/April 15

030420-3 / US accused of blocking medical relief plane/Save the Children told BBC

030420-2 / Allies should leave Iraq now/Middle Eastern foreign ministers urged/times/April 19, 2003 06:51

030420-1 / Tens of thousands in Baghdad call for US withdrawal/This homeland is for the Shia and Sunni/aljazeera/8,ンApril/3:03PM

030418-5 / ru/The failings of hi-tech/The Russian connection

030417-4 / Israel wants strike on Syria while iron's hot /CHICGO Sun-Times/April 17

030418-3 / Egypt says Israel behind U.S. pressure on Syria/msnbc/reuters/CAIRO, April 16

030418-2 / ru/US Special Forces Enter Syria/Bush admin slap down ultimatum/17.04.

030418-1 / Peace might have a real chance without Israelis' biblical claims/Guardian/January 3, 2001/IGNORANT AMERICANS

030417-2 / why now?: An invalid jew is thrown overboard from the "Achille Lauro" by a P.L.O. renegade.

030417-1 / The ethnic structures of Syria expose it to a dismantling/invasion plans for the Golan/The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics/Roger Garaudy/1996

030416-4 / Why Syria May Be The Next Target/according to Sharon/Insight on the News - World/

030416-3 / The ethnic structures of Syria expose it to a dismantling/invasion plans for the Golan/The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics/Roger Garaudy/1996

030416-2 / Wolfowitz's Confidential Memo on Post-Iraq Plans/To: Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol, Jim Woolsey/15 April/scoop

030416-1 / Is destiny or idiocy driving the USA into an Arab-Zionist war?/Iraq Syria Lebanon West Bank - A Mission Impossible?/scoop/16 April

030415-2 / Bush Doctrinaires: Analysts Point to Strong Signs America's War Machine Will Continue to Roll/ Thank God for Helen Thomas/April 13, 2003 by the Toronto Star

030415-1 / Robert Fisk: Would President Assad invite a cruise missile to his palace? /15 April 2003/independent.co.uk

030413-1 / ru/Russian anger growing/expressing their opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq/12.04

030411-1 / THE HALABJA GASSING AND OTHER LIES/April 2003/Arthur Kemp reveals the lies behind Bush's war in Iraq

030408-1 / ru/08.04./extreme fierceness/American command had to admit/defenders is “fairly high”/ no sign of demoralization.

030406-1 / ru/05.04 /reduction of American offensive/raped/ALL AMERICANS ARE WAR CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!

030405-6 / No U.S. troops seen in Baghdad/BAGHDAD (Reuters)

030405-5 / Iraqi Press Minister, Muhammed Al-Sahaf, reading a speech of Saddam urging Iraqis to go for Jihad (An Nahar, 4/2/03).

030405-4 / U.S. entering heart of Baghdad/BAGHDAD (Reuters)/Powell/no desire to besiege Baghdad.

030405-3 / Russian military intel update: War in Iraq, 05.04.2003 [08:24] /Iraqi artillery attacked the Al-Fao port

030405-2 / Iraqi Opposition Islamists Flock Home For Resistance/By Abdul Raheem Ali, IOL Cairo Staff/CAIRO, April 4 (IslamOnline.net)

030405-1 / U.S. Sees Limited U.N. Role in Iraq/ ruled out a leading role for the United Nations/WASHINGTON (Reuters)/April 4, 2003

030404-4 / ru/Major events of 3 April/US Central Command is investigating two potential friendly-fire incidentsawful surprise soon

030404-3 / List of Casualties in Iraq War 03.04.2003 [23:25] Источник: Reuters

030404-2 / U.S. Forces Nowhere Near Baghdad/Saddam Airport Under Iraqi Control/April 3 IslamOnline

030404-1 / US forces were unable to take any of these towns/forced to leave behind large numbers of troops /.ru

030403-4 / Jessica Lynch's parents

030403-3 / Washingtonpost/Photographer Fired for Altering Picture/April 2, 2003

030403-2 / Combat operations underway 400 km south of Baghdad/MOSCOW, April 2 (Itar-Tass)

030403-1 / American Troops Move Away from Baghdad/pravda/7:25 2003-04-02

030402-6 / Marine who said no to killing on his conscience/Guardian/April 1, 2003

030402-5 / Online Journal/German military historians predict Anglo-American defeat in Iraq/March 29, 2003

030402-4 / UK troops sent home for questioning war -lawyer/questioned the legality of the U.S.-led war/LONDON, April 1 (Reuters)

030402-3 / Peter Arnett/THIS WAR IS NOT WORKING/There is enormous sensitivity within the US government to reports coming out from Baghdad./mirror

030402-2 / Marines search for fallen comrade/hanged in the town square, officers said/April 01, 2003/AP

030402-1 / Saddam urges Muslims to join jihad/guardian/9pm update/Tuesday April 1, 2003

030401-4 / During the night of March 30-31 the situation on the US-Iraqi front became increasingly more critical/ru

030401-3 / Источник: REUTERS/Baghdad Battle Uncharted Territory; Expect Blood

030401-2 / America's other war also seems to be heating up in Afghanistan/iraqwar.ru/31.03.2003

030401-1 / US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush/Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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