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February 4, 2000 - Post Conference Update

G21 are now in the process of collating the dialogues and photo's from the conference to form an archive of material from the conference. As of February 4, three dialogues - those by Satish Kumar, Arun Gandhi and Johan Galtung had been completed. Others will be posted shortly. Please check our archives page for more details.

G21 will make an announcement regarding new projects shortly. Please stay tuned.

January 1, 2000 - Post Conference Update

G21 would like to thank all those who participated in the conference - the Panelists, the delegates, the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, the sponsors, the Student Way and the audience for helping to make this conference a success. We hope that everyone who participated in the conference will use the experience to better themselves and the world.

November 4, 1999

Paul Leslie, a youth counsellor from Newham, in East London, U.K., will attend the conference as a Panelist. Paul is the deputy Team Manager for Community Links` youth team; he also manages the CBS Youth Project. Now aged 33, he has worked in the field of youth and community for over fifteen years.

Paul has worked for a number of local authorities throughout his career, which started in 1984, with the London Borough of Haringey assisting to develop appropriate and proactive youth work initiatives within local communities.

He has throughout his six years in Newham, worked with Community Links, a dynamic local charity based almost entirely in Newham (within the East End of London).

His current work focuses on community development, youth involvement and urban regeneration initiatives. Paul is also responsible for developing international youth exchanges with commonwealth and non-commonwealth countries.

October 26, 1999

Helena Norberg Hodge has regretfully withdrawn from the conference due to a request to attend W.T.O. Counter Convention.

Wolfgang Sachs is unable to attend the conference owing to ill health.

G21 will announce replacement panelists in the next few days.

October 19, 1999

G21 announced tonight that Adam Wolpert, from the The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (OEAC) has accepted an invitation to the conference in November. The center, based in Occidental, California has a very high reputation in areas related to sustainable development, permaculture, endangered species, as well as community education and development. The center offers workshops in a wide variety of fields from beekeeping to fine arts. Adam Wolpert was a co-founder of the center and has had a major role in its development of a wide range of programs.

For further information please consult the OEAC website The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center;

More details about Adam can be found on the Panelists page

October 19, 1999

Yasushi Akashi is regrettably unable to attend the conference due to his commitments to the Japanese Government.

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