November 23

We are all concerned with pollution but nobody does anything until we start feeling its consequences. Radio and TV programs should inform us about pollution and its effect more often and in more detail.

Even many political leaders do not seem to care about environment; it is therefore, necessary to get involved with different "green" organisations in every state. Some of these organisations are not always as impartial as they want us to believe, e.g. the Austrian Greenpeace Organisation tried to stop the transport of a steam condensor for Krsko (the only nuclear power plant in Slovenia) while there are nuclear plants in Austria.

Some nations are too poor to buy modern means of transport and environment-friendly technology. However, the rich nations should be more responsible towards nature.

They are the ones that carry out nuclear experiments. And we strongly disagree with that. We also feel that too much money is invested in industries that are the biggest polluters, but little is done to exchange petrol engines with electric powered engines.

We decided to dedicate an entire issue of our newsletter - Navigator to these green issues.

Students of the faculty of Maritime and Transport

November 23


Really great web site. Congratulations are in order for you and your associates for doing a great job pulling this all together. I am impressed. I am sure Yourth At the Millennium will prove to be most worthwhile.

Keep up the great work. The best of luck to all of you.

Mary Kolk

October 27

Aloha to Group 21, I am very pleased to see this conference taking place. I will be working with a couple of courses I am teaching at the University of Hawai'i on Oahu and Maui. We will log in daily to read about the dyanamic dialogue taking place at the conference. Wish we could be there but this will be great enough to log in. Look forward to cooperating in the future. Please do keep in touch.

Maluhia Me Ka Pono (Peace with Justice)

Joshua Cooper

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