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Seminar in English and Japanese.. 

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         Telephone, fax, email, and what not. 
   Everything tappable is already being wiretapped !!

 The secrets of ECHELON International Monitoring Netowrk

             Have you seen "ECHELON" ?


Have you heard about Echelon - the code name for international
monitoring netowrk? It is a mega-size wire-tapping facility created
by western information agencies lead by United Sates National Security
Agency (NSA). Countries such as UK and Australia are also involved.
It taps into all surface and stellite communication facilities
thus effectively monitoring communications by telephone, fax, email, 
and the like. Bleach of civil privacy by Echelon was brought to
debate and was criticized in a the delibrations of the European Union
in 1998. Following this, a privacy advocatacy group has taken legal
action to restate civil privacy.

Japan also is heavily involved with Echelon.  It has become known
that a US military base in Misawa carries receptive devices for 
Echelon. Furthermore, some evidences point to a possibility that
Japan's wire-tapping law forcefully adopted last year has certain
interconnections with Echelon.

We have organized a public gathering inviting experts from UK that
has long worked on issues around Echelon and wire-tapping by police
authorities.  Through this, we hope to share with you the reality 
of illegal civil monitoring activities by information agencies and
the police taking place, quietly by surely, behind the IT-revolution
(Information Technology Revolution).

We call upon civil society members concerned about the bleach of 
our right to privacy effected by mechanism such as the wire-tapping
law and activities under the police authorities.

When:   18th July 2000  18:15
Where:  Senior Work Tokyo. Underground Auditorium
Access: 7 minutes walk from  "Iida-bashi" JR station
        It is located next to the "Edmonds Hotel"
        * 03-5211-2307 (Senior Work Tokyo) *


Speaker 1: Duncan Campbell

Producer of Television programs based in the United Kingdom. 
He was the first journalist to report the details of Echelon's
monitoring activity taking place in Europe. An expert on Echelon
issues who have also been invited by the Europiean Council to
testify about bleach of privacy conducted by inforamtion agencies.

Speaker 2: Chris Baily

Member of Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Coordinator
of LabourNet networking worker's movement in the United Kingdom.
Known networker-activist in Internet-Rights movement, internationaly
and locally. Involved in campaign against UK's wire-tapping law that
mandates Internet-service-providers to set up and run facilities for
email tapping.

Speaker 3: Oh Byoung-Il 

Staff of Jimbo-net in Korea which translates to Progressive Networking
Center for civil movement and NGOs. Jimbo-net took part in a successful
campaign which scrapped the proposed Electronic Resident Card system
intended to control its nationals electronically. It is now engaged in
movement to counter Government census and interference by Corporations
that work against free flow of communication.

Appeals from NTT workers, network host, and others.

Organized by; 
        JCA-NET, Communications NGO for Civil Movement 
	Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
	Networker's against Surveillance Task Force(NaST)
	Executive Committee for a signature-collecting campaign 
	to abolish wiretap act
Fee:          1000 yen
Contact:      Tel 03-3291-2875   e-mail <>

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