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No42(Dec. 2005 )

University Teachers Strike to Refuse Being Treated as Disposable Objects
Struggle Continues to Protect Public Postal Services
A Study Group of Labour Ministry Disclosed the Final Report on Labor Contract Law
APWS-JP 2005
News Clips (Asbestos / Gender Equality / Japanese National Railways / McDonald)

No41(Oct. 2004 )

A "Come-from-Behind Victory" after 25 Years of Hard Struggle -Dismissed Post Workers Won the Court Trail
Tokyo : 220 Teachers Punished for Refusing to Sing Kimigayo ("NationalAnthem")
Safe Jobs, Safe Food - Workers and Consumers' Response to the "BSE Issue"
The 15th Annual General Meeting of APWSL Japan
APWSL-Japan's Workshop at the 4th WSF in Mumbai
News Clips

No.40(Sep. '02 )

The 13th Annual General Assembly of APWSL Japan (July 13-14)
Ten Years of Organizing Unorganized Workers (Part 1)- Osaka General Union
Dismissed JNR Workers are still fighting!
News Clips

No.39(Dec. '01 )

Privatization of Postal Services
Support Philippine Toyota Workers!
Statement on the September 11 attacks in the United States
APWSL Japan' Annual General Meeting (July, 2001)
News Clips

No.38(Apr. '01 )

Korean union wins
Hanaoka case
Kokuro struggle update
Abuse of foreign trainees
Letter from Stephanie Luce
Messages from outgoing editors

No.37 (Dec. '00 )

Kokuro struggle update
ASEM meeting in Seoul
Gender Equality Symposium
Migrant Workers Month
Letter from Mike Parker

No.36 (Aug. '00 )

Kokuro struggle at its crisis:Political settlement to exempt JR companies of their responnsibilities
11th . AGM of APWSL Japan
Andy Banks visit Japan
Japanese women workers visit NY
Labor Summit in Osaka
Letters to Editor

No.35 (May '00)

Alternative Tour to Taiwan
JR Union Struggle Update
APWSL Seminars on Globalization
Abuses of Chinese Trainees
Migrant Workers Day of Action
Letters to Editor

No.34 (Jan. '00)

Nissan Plans Biggest Redundancy in Japan 5 Plants to Close, 35,000 to Lose Jobs
Network for Contingent Workers' Union
A New Filipino Union
Self-Introduction: Paul Dorey, General Union
Solidarity Network for Migrants Forum
Letters to Editor

No.33 ('99 Oct..)

Report of 10th AGM of APWSL Japan
Message from the Tokai Region
Wage Discrimination by gender
Workers7 Autonomy Movement
NGO Corner: Solidarity Center for Migrant
Message from the Editors

No.32 ('99 Jun..)

Impression of the NZ-Japan Postal Workers Exchage Visit
Member Introducing : Umatani Norichika
New US-Japam Defence Guidline
Third National Migrant Workers Forum
From the Editor]

No.31 ('99 Mar.)

Learning About Free Trade Zone Workers in Sri Lanka
A report on the APWSLCouncil Meeting in Sri Lanka
Interview with Postal Worker -Watanabe Hiroshi
Peace Cycle Tour in Malaysia
NGO Corner: Rodo Joho
Okinawa Port Workers Union Strike
From the Editor

No.30 ('98 Nov.)

APWSL Aotearoa Visits Japan on Exchange Program in August
Personal Proposal to APWSL from Ben Watanabe
Thai Exchange Program Report
NGO Corner: Foreign Laborers Union
The Plight Japanese Brazilian Workers in Japan's Recession
Report on Postal Workers Exchange Visit to Aotearoa/NZ October
AGM Report CMI Flight Attendants Dispute Resolved

No.29 ('98 May)

Kadokawa on Women and Labor Law
HK Employment Conference
Report Japan Occ. Safety & Health Center
Auto Industry Shunto Results
Foreign Unionists Protest Ministries
APWSL-Japan Activity Report

No.28 ('98 Feb..)


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