ISSUE 3                                                                                                                         March 2000

Solidarity Greetings!

Solidarity greetings on International Women’s Day. As you know all over the world women’s celebrated 8th March. On International Women's Day Rally in 2000 we are sure that workers of the world will unite to protect the rights of women workers and achieve better conditions which have been under the threat by trans-national capital and neo-liberalism.

Activities of APWSL Korea:

APWSL Korea hold a meeting on February 2nd, 2000 and appraising the activities of 1999 and drafting the plan for year 2000. Important plans, they resolved to carry out Exchange Visit to Indonesia and the 4th East Asia Exchange Program. But further discussion is needed.

As far the latter project, APWSL Korea proposed to Taiwanese group that it would be held in Taiwan, but APWSL Group in Taiwan ICLE responded that it is difficult to organize in Taiwan. So, more discussion is necessary among East Asia National Group.

Solidarity Message from Korea:

APWSL Korea, with KCTU sent solidarity messages to Pakistani and Australian groups for International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day Rally in Korea:
Korean Women Workers have gone through difficulties during IMF trusteeship and a number of woman workers has been dismissed in the process of restructuring. Almost 70% of Korean women workers have become part-timer, and temporary employee. In addition, the government and capitalists are attempting to abolish women’s holiday and deregulate of women worker’s overtime. Korean women workers will go on rally on the 11th of Mach to demonstrate five major demands.

Various institutions and will make a resolution that they will fight against all

attempts of the oppressive government and employers.

APWSL Bangladesh:

APWSL Bangladesh finalize a plan for exchange visit to Nepal. GEFONT is organizing its Third National Congress on the month of May so APWSL Bangladesh participating in the Congress.

APWSL Pakistan: On the eve of International Women’s Day WWO/APWSL hold a convention in Lahore in which more than 700 women were participated. In the program they demanded the government to Implement CEDAW agreement which was signed in 1996. Between than the government and United Nations for the elimination of discriminatory laws against women. Speaker at the convention said that the world had entered in the 21st century but women in Pakistan were living in 18th century and were deprived of basic rights. Women pledged to continue their struggle for the elimination of discriminatory laws against women. Convention also passed a resolution and condemning the discriminator laws against women and demand to abolish such laws.

They urged the government to formulate laws against domestic violence and against sexual harassment and also demanded the implementation of SECTION 17 of the Constitution to ensure provision of basic rights to all. Women also presented skits and songs related with women’s struggle.

Rubina Jamil, Coordinator APWSL said in her speech that women had to launch a joint struggle to eliminate all sorts of discrimination, she highlighted the history of women struggle and added that it was only due to the struggle of women in America which created awareness about the issues concerning universally to women from all parts of the world. Gulzar Chaudhry, APWSL National Facilitator, Aima Mahmood, Salma Fayyaz, Zahida Daud, Simy Gulzar also spoke on the occasion. On the end of convention women gathered and staged a rally outside the center and raising slogans for women’s right.

Regional Coordinating Team Meeting:

Coordinator informed all sub-regional coordinators to participate in this meeting. From Philippine , I did not get any response. During the RCT meeting secretariat make a plan to have a joint meeting with CAW, TIE-Asia and make some collective plans for future.

If it is possible than we make an exposure visit to any factory and free trade zone in Bangkok.

Action Alert & Protest Letters:


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