Workers Struggle is NOT over


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> Subject: Apwsl Korea News Letter

> Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 5:23 PM

> > Workers Struggle is NOT over


> The April and May struggle by KCTU was intended to pressure the

> government to change its policies, demanding four terms: to stop redundancy

> dismissal and structural adjustment; to construct social safety net; to reduce

> working hours; and to stabilize the collective agreements and to establish the

> measures against the unemployment. The KCTU declared that the period

> between May 17 and 31 would be that of censuring the mis-behaviors of the

> government and winning the four demands and urging the negotiation between

> the government and workers. And the individual unions will negotiate on

> wages and working conditions by early June, and around June 10, the KCTU is

> going to start the third round of all-out struggle.


> The recent struggle of workers exposed the essence of the so-call People's

> Government which actually represents the interest of transnational capital and

> chaebols. Also thegovernment is pressuring the subway strikers with no less

> harsh measures than those of previous military regimes, such as distortion of

> facts, imprisonment, dismissal, legal actions, and so on. Besides, about two

> thousand riot police are deposited at the worksite of subway workers, watching

> the workers and causing terror among workers. Moreover, 220 scab soldiers,

> from the special ranger squad, are still driving the subway trains, and watching

> civilian drivers.The Subway Corporation is said to hire them.



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