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Monthly Email and fax news sheet about workers organizing in the region April 1999


Garment Workers dismissed from Jacket Manufacturer in Thailand

Company Closes factory, 150 workers dismissed without compensation after refusing to negotiate union wage demand.


Company tries to Ban Union from Thailand operations.


Workers of the Splendid Garment Factory located in the Baangplee Industrial Estate, Samuthprakarn (Thailand) disclosed information about the wicked recognition by the Thai Government are as a result of the hard work of Thai workers.


Thai Jacket Union submitted a demand on January 6, 1999 to the Splendid Thailand Ltd. to increase the wages of the workers. At that time the workers were receiving 162 Baht (USD 4.30) per day. However this was not enough to cover living costs. The company refused to negotiate. The union workers invoked the conciliation procedures with the Labour Department, Labour Department force the company to negotiate, they set the Conciliation talks for 13 January. Than company asked and the union agreed to postpone the talks until 19 January 1999. January 19th the company suggested to the union and the talks took place only between the company and the union but no agreement was made. The union again sought conciliation talks but the company refuses to participate. At least five attempts were made to hold these talks but the company did not appear on each occasion.


February 18 the company said that there was a decline in production orders and asked the workers to stay home on 70% wages from 22-28 February. On February 20 the workers returned to the factory and gathered inside the factory in front of the factory building demanding that the lockout be lifted and that they be able return to work. The company declared this action as an illegal picket. However the workers stayed infront of the factory on a 24 hour basis.


March 4th Company dismissed 130 of the workers and took 9 union leader to Court claiming damages of 700,000 Baht (USD 19,000). The company announced that it was completely closing down because of the action of the workers and the union. The Company refused to pay and redundancy compensation because of what they called the "illegal picket line."


Workers continued their action outside the factory and on 29th March demonstration was held in Bangkok to the Labour Ministry where the

Labour Ministry officials met with representatives of the union and promised to call a meeting with the union and the company on 1st April. In the meeting the


company wished to continue the business in Thailand but without the union as the union always made demands and problems for the company. The Union said if the company closed down it must pay compensation to the workers and the union will be agree to withdraw the wag demand. The Managing Director of Splendid (Thailand) Ltd., Mr. Hilmar Sauer replied that he could not make these decisions, they had to be made in Duesseldorf not in Bangkok. He promised an answer by 8th April.


Workers of Splendid Thailand Jacket Factory are still on strike. Company has offered compensation but it is below the legal minimum wage for compensation.


Workers continues demand to be for reinstatement.


The workers of Splendid Thailand Jacket want more solidarity support Internationally. Workers are demanding to:



Re-open Splendid Jacket factory in Thailand and reinstate all dismissed workers.


Company drop the damages action against the 9 union leaders.

Please send protest letters to:

Mr Hilmar sauer

Managing Director

Splendid (Thailand) Ltd

140 Moo 17, New town,

3 Bangplee, Industrial Estate

Teparaks Road, Samuthprakarn Province 10540


Tel: 66-2-315 1007

Fax: 66-2-315 1009


Asian Head Quarters

8th Floor, Chung Shun Knitting Centre

1-3, Wing Yip Street

Kwai Chung

New Territories

Hong Kong

Tel 852-2422-8332


If you require more information or any question please contact Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, CLIST Thailand Email: Fax: 66-2-972 7035 and also contact to Kelly Dent, CoordinatorTIE-Asia Email:


Workers' Rallies, Processions

Mark May Day


The International Labor Day popularly known as the May Day observed every

year in memory of the "Chicago Martyrs" who had laid down their lives for

the right of workers is mark by worldwide rallies and processions.


Working Women Organization and Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Links-Pakistan

with the collaboration of "All Pakistan Trade Union Federation" and "Progressive Youth

Organization" held processions and rallies on May 1, 1999.


Thousands of workers (men & women) all over the country took part in

the mass protest procession and rallies on "International Labor Day" and

pay homage to Chicago Martyrs and registered their agitation against anti

worker & people polices persuade by the government putting restriction upon

exercise of fundamental constitutional human and trade union rights and

keeping them on wages even below subsistence level and worse form of

employment, contract, temporary, inhuman and hazards work and aggravating

massive unemployment.


Workers and children rallies were taken out from industrial areas such as

Gulberg, Kotlakhpat, Green Town, Shadhara, Dharm Pura. These rallies joined

the main procession at Working Women Organization's office in Gulberg

Industrial Area. Women Workers from other cities like Sheikhupura, Sialkot

and Faislabad also joined the procession. Demonstrators carried banners,

red flags and chanting slogans " long live workers unity", "long live

Chicago Martyrs" "eliminate black laws", "reinstate the May Day holiday",

"eliminate all discrimination against women", "down with capitalist and

feudalism", "down with high cost, unemployment, anti people policies of IMF

and World Bank", "down with anti trade union and workers downsizing,

retrenchment and privatization policies of government"


Procession started from Gulberg Industrial Area Lahore and led by Rubina

Jamil, Coordinator APWSL, Simy Gulzar, Salma Liaqut, Aima Mahmood and

Sofia Raj from WorkingWomen Organization and Gulzar Ahmed Choudhary,

Fazal Wahid and Yousaf Baloch from All Pakistan Trade Union Federation and

Nasir Choudhary and Muhammad Siddique from Progressive Youth Organization.


>From Press Club Lahore Pakistan Workers Confederation's procession joined

WWO, APTUF and PYO's procession. In spite of extremely hot weather and

burning sun processionists marched on different roads. They wanted to reach

in front of Assembly Hall but police put the barriers and by force stopped

the processionists to reach the Assembly Hall. Then workers held mass rally

before of High Court. Rubina Jamil, Salma Liaqut and Sofia Raj addressed

the rally. While paying homage to the Chicago martyrs they said, great

number of women are working in different sectors like factories, public and

private sectors, in brick kilns, agricultural etc. Globalization and free

trade policies have gave free hand to capitalists and multinationals

companies to exploit workers (men & women). Labor laws can not bound them

to respect workers rights because in various countries they have set up

their own free trade Zones. Where no labor laws implement.


Enormous numbers of women are working in free trade zones. Who are entirely

deprive of very basic workers rights, such as minimum wage, job security,

proper safety & health measurements, trade union right and collective

bargaining. Often women workers work at factories as temporary, casual,

daily basis and piece rate. Factory owners forced them for overtime with

out extra payments. They demanded that minimum wage should be RS. 6000.

They condemned swiftly expanding mental and physical violence against

women. Women are not secure at their homes as well as their workplaces.


Further more due to government policies which are imposed by IMF, World

Bank and other supper powers' puppet financial institutes the number of

informal sector or home based workers are growing rapidly. Bulk of women

are working as home based workers who are not cover by any labor law. Hence

this is basic need to collective struggle against injustice, no matter we

are working inside home or out side.


Gulzar Ahmed Choudahry, Fazal Wahid and Nasir Choudhary also addressed

the mass rally and condemned the government policies like current President

Ordinance in which declaring the fundamental right of strike for exercise

of right collective bargaining as an act of terrorism under promulgated

anti-terrorism act and closure of 6000 industrial units and continuous

price hike. They described that rich are becoming richer and poor becoming

poorer in the phase of globalization of economy, free trade and rapid

technological changes.


They also criticized plundering of national wealth trough taking RS. 314

billion loans taken by elite of the country from the nationalized Bank,

mortgaging the national economy to the hands of IMF and World Bank and

continuous prevalence of evil of feudalism and exploitation of Child Labor

and discrimination against women in the society. It called upon the

government to remove anti workers measures and introduce radical economic

and social reforms in the society, otherwise bloody revolution will break

down the exploited system.


Later on, the participants burnt the effigy of unemployment, high cost of

living, restrictions imposed on trade union rights, anti people, IMF and

World Bank policies impel in the country resulting down sizing, high tariff

and privatization.





Action is designed for workplace notice boards.Please circulate this news sheet widely

AP WSL : 14 N, Industrial Area, Gulberg, Lahore 54660, Pakistan

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Action is designed for workplace notice boards. Please circulate this news sheet widely.


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