Sapporo Action against Poverty, Precarious Labor and Social Exclusion

07/04/2008 - 13:00
07/04/2008 - 17:00

Fri. 4th July 2008 in Sapporo
[Sapporo Action against Poverty, Precarious Labor and Social Exclusion]
13:00- Fri. July 4/820-Kenshushitsu, Kaderu2・7/Admission fee: \500/Language: Japanese (French, English &
Korian will be translate into Japanese)
This is a part of projects: Solidarity Forum of G8 Action Network in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Those who are against G8 all over Japan will gather, with participants from other countries, speak out each
wishes towards G8 Summit place.
We will also participate in Citizens Peace Walk in July 5, International Solidarity Action at Odori Park July
6, hoisting banners with messages made in June 28.

G8 Action Network-Poverty and Precarious Labor Working Group
Tel: +81 (0)90-1793-1871 (inaba)

Main Objectives of Our Project
The G8 Summit is going to be held at Toyako in Hokkaido from July 7-9. We believe that this is an arbitrary
meeting of the governments which lead neoliberalism. The world's eight most powerful economies have imposed
neoliberalism onto other nations, while dominating the global financial market with the World Trade
Organization and the Free Trade Agreement.
The developping nations are forced to accept the free trade in exchange of ODA. Privatizations, labor market
flexibility, and deregulations are introduced not only in the developping nations but also in the
industrialized counterparts. Inequality and poverty are accelerating. Social welfare is reduced. Socially
disadvantaged people are excluded and their fundamental rights are violated. Working poor are also victims of
neoliberalism since the early 2000s under the Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's government. Neoliberalism is
an ideology to maximize the interests of the most privileged "the world's most powerful economies."
Social movement organizations and individuals will gather in Japan to protest against the G8 summit to
vanquish the "conspiring robbers." Join us for movements against G8.
We are fed up with on-going situation. No matter how hard we work, we are trapped in poverty. Is this called
freedom? Should we be blamed for lack of responsibility in life?
We work hard everyday. But we can barely earn enough to eat. We cannot even go to see a doctor when we feel
sick. We don't have a roof over our head. We are deprived of hopes and dreams for the future. We live an
unstable life. In the postwar period, however, Japan has been experiencing long economic expansion, and big
companies earns high profits still now. Who is responsible for this injustice?
Come share your experiences with us and discuss to find the reason. It's time for us to voice our cries and
our angers.
We never wished for neoliberalism. We have never approved of the legitimacy of G8. We reclaim our right to
decide our own life.
Condemning anti humanistic nature of G8 style neoliberalism, we want to turn our project into a bridge for
wider solidarity among us. We call for the democratic process, which does not exclude the deprived and
disadvantaged "have-nots" from the decision making. Our society would be, could be & shuold be a natural
boiling spring to birth mass movements against Summit, WTO and so
on. That's our aim of the anti G8 actions.
Our futur is ours !
As oppressed could overwhelm oppressor, mass on foot would conqur summit !
Our Working Group Against Poverty and Unstable Employment is, belonging to G8 Action Network, planning to
hold the following projects. We call for various kind of groups and individurals aginst poverty, unstable
working conditions & social exclusion join and suport our actions.