THE INTERNATIONAL PREPARATORY MEETING about Toyako G8 summit(March 8th 2008,Tokyo)

Toshimaru Ogura(G8 Action Network)[1/2]

Toshimaru Ogura(G8 Action Network)[2/2]

Takashi Shimozawa(JANIC)[1/2]

Takashi Shimozawa(JANIC)[2/2]

Yasuaki Yamaura(Consumers Union of Japan)[1/2]

Yasuaki Yamaura(Consumers Union of Japan)[2/2]

Chigaya Kinoshita(Watch)

Kiyokazu Koshida(G8 Summit NGO Forum)[1/2]

Kiyokazu Koshida(G8 Summit NGO Forum)[2/2]

Malou Tabios(Jubilee South-APMDD)

Yuet May Wong(GM,HK,HKCTU)[1/2]

Yuet May Wong(GM,HK,HKCTU)[2/2]

Lee Changgeun(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions)[1/2]

Lee Changgeun(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions)[2/2]

Rhodora Abano(Migrant Forum in Asia)


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