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Camp Information!

"G8 Action Network Convergence-center / Camp Work Group"

We've determined the two camp sites!
Currently, we're in the final stages of discussion with the administration.

The two sites are:

1) Toyoura-cho, Hokkaido - Toyoura Forest Park
2) Sobetsu-cho, Hokkaido - Orofure Rest House (Orofure Hotto Piaza)

Both camp venues are next to Toyako-cho, the town hosting the summit.

The camp will be held for four days during the summit:

July 6 (evening) ~ July 9

Please bring your own sleeping bag and tent.
We hope to see you all!

Call for Participation –– towards the emergence of a new "Alternative Village" space in Hokkaido––

• Our Plan
 The G8 will be held in July of this year (2008) at lake Toya (Toya-ko) in Hokkaido. We expect thousands of people from all over the world will gather in Hokkaido, as individuals and various NGO groups, to take part in a medley of actions. We (Convergence-center/Camp Work Group) look forward to the completion of an Alternative Village, both a hive for the swarm and a place for dialogue.

• Convergence-center

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