Welcome to Corporate Watch in Japanese (CWJ) Mailing List
--Monitoring Japanese corporate activities

What is Corporate Watch in Japanese (CWJ) Mailing List

CWJ Mailing List is a MODERATED email list in ENGLISH. Japanese corporations are key players in the global economy, and the CWJ Mailing List allows us to connect activists campaigning against Japanese corporations and investments around the world by sharing information regarding Japanese corporations, such as:

  • Japanese corporate activities worldwide
  • Globalization and corporate power
  • Japanese and international social movements to stop corporate abuses
  • Japanese government support for corporations
  • Action Alerts involving Japanese corporations and financing

The CWJ Mailing List in English is moderated by CorpWatch based in San Francisco, USA

A CWJ Mailing List in Japanese is currently being planned and will be offered shortly.

How to subscribe CWJ

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You can view the archives of CWJ mailing list from here.

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