Youth at the Millennium 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, April 1-4

Student Evaluations of the Conference

Question #1: What did you find particularly valuable or useful at the Youth at the Millennium 2002 Conference?

Question #2: What in your opinion could be improved for future conferences?

Question #3: Other comments?

Comment #1

The panelists.

I loved the speakers, both in that every one of them was so open and intelligent, but also that each had a different perspective and different focus, so that when everyone came together their views were very diverse. I also found it helpful to have the conference at both SBCC and UCSB. It was really accessible.

Advertise MORE. There wasn't much out there about the conference. So, communicate better with the community beforehand. That would be helpful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, and, please, again, and like this.

Comment #2

The down time chats between participants and speakers. Bonding, unifying experiences like meals, carpools, living together. The breadth of topic and options for workshops. Satish Kumar, Jeremy, Antonia, Raj, Colin, Nandini, David. The opportunity to express onefA"o^s interest, concerns, questions. The contacts, networks, activities. Solitude and great location. Great variety in speaker specialties.

More transition and down time! Longer conference, 7 days at least, but less packed days. Artist workshops, writing, walking, music, art, dialogues. More sticking to topics in dialogue/workshops.

Flier in advance for more people. Maybe start things at 10 a.m. versus 9 a.m.



Comment #3

The people most definitely.

The other thing that was key to making this such a worthwhile event is its emphasis on ethics and morality. It is these discussions which are absent in the current discussions around globalization. The anti-globalization has become predictable, which is a problem. By framing questions about ethics, morality, and self-reflection, we are taking the discussion to another level.

I thought the organization of this was great. The organizers were very hospitable, engaging and responsible. The only thing I would change would be:

1) make the days involve a weekend, so it is not a full work week.
2) Integrate the activity, in this case, the fA"u'declarationfA"u`, into the previous days. The exercise was very thought-provoking and could be given more time.

Really a positive and memorable and impacting conference!

Comment #4 Networking with the other youth who have the same desire for social change. Although I wish there were a greater number of older people (generationally), I valued the experience and knowledge of Antonia and Colin and Raj. They are individuals of quality. I gained a lot of inspiration as well.

More of an international panel as well as delegates. More older panelists. I also felt that the conference was more anti-globalization and activism. I was under the impression that this conference was about equipping the youth. I am probably one of the few who wants to capitalize on globalization. The process is inevitable so we might as will benefit from it. I was hoping for maybe religious leaders from all faiths, presidents of MNCs and international political figures. It is possible to get them.

Comment #5

Getting together SBCC, UCSB and the older Santa Barbara folks. Introduction to Nuclear Peace Foundation, Institute of World Culture, and Casa de Maria to ignorant folks like myself. Safe haven and high energy and Inspiration! Awesome speakers!

Low on details and high on repetitiveness; more ruthless moderating necessary.

Let's keep the energy! Let's re-meet! Utilize Casa de Maria. Utilize

SB progressives.

Ed France

Comment #6

Youth at the Millennium provided so much - it brought us together and allowed for the networking vital to an effective movement for a positive globalization to begin at a local level here among the students and groups located in Santa Barbara on one level, and with those outside of Santa Barbara through the wonderful guest speakers.

Sharing the experience of experts helps us, the students, to understand what we can do, what to look out for, etc., making us more ready to face it. Youth also provided a refreshing abundance of ideas on the floor. Many personal revelations were made.

Get the students more organized through communicating with them more. Make sure we know what is going on and don't be afraid to ask for help in getting things done on campus. Do not have students write the declaration in the morning first thing after they wake up, rather, after a dialogue.

Comment #7

I felt as though my feelings of "despair" at the world situation seem more manageable.

Workshops such as Raj's and Jeremy's were tremendous assets in terms of picking "achievable goals". I also felt a though we built a Santa Barbara network.

The only improvement, maybe, would be to provide UCSB parking passes. The rest of the conference far exceeded my expectations.

I greatly felt that Phil and Bob really cared about how we were doing; they seemed genuinely interested in making sure that all went well for me.

Comment #8

To be able to find a forum with people who are active and have commons ideas about globalization.

To have the opportunity to meet older people who had had experience working, learning and studying about globalization and who I can look up to as leaders and role models to follow.

Location: maybe to have a retreat of 3 days only at La Casa to have the opportunity to commit to staying for the whole conference.

A bit more structure in the logistics of the program design.

Comment #9 Intergenerational aspect was crucial, as it gave the discussions more breadth and meaning. Speakers and their approachability was fantastic. Venue was beautiful. Period of time, three and a half days, just right. The Declaration was important as a physical thing to accomplish.

More passive time to reflect, have open discussions. More emphasis on challenging questions which try to make people fA"u'uncomfortablefA"u` as Raj mentioned.

Continue to gather youth in SB for dialogue.

Kristian Beadle

Comment #10

It is difficult to give only a few examples. The wealth of information provided was invaluable. The energy brought was uplifting to a degree I never knew was achievable. The diversity of the panelists was refreshing and the sincerity of presentation was delightful. I have never before participated in an event with my peers that gave me such a strong sense of solidarity, and it gave me hope for my generation and for the future of humanity in general. The devotion Phil and Bob brought to this cause is truly inspiring, and they have engaged in an endeavor of truth and justice that deserves the utmost respectability. I personally want to thank everyone involved for providing me with such an inspiring and wonderful experience.

Nothing significant. A better organization of time and workshop structure, but not anything serious. It would have been nice to have some more social activities planned.

Please do it again! Thank you.

Gustavo Lizarraga

Comment #11

I really enjoyed the speakers and the varying locations. All the information was valuable and I like the way the whole thing was interactive between young and old.

If your focus is on youth, then adhere more to our schedules. Missing a week of class is detrimental to grads and especially the first week of the quarter.

Comment #12

The positive outlook perpetuated by the group discussions and focus on friendly getting-to-know each other sessions. Just speaking briefly with each student delegate was an uplifting and inspiring experience, and enhanced the feeling of comradery. I loved meeting other people interested in the same issues as I was. I felt it inspired me to continue with my personal activism.

Don't start so early in the morning, and provide more regulated activities.

It was great. Very cool experience. I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate more because of constricted time.

Comment #13

The speakers were amazing. Inspiring, wonderful collection of people. Gave hope and renewed faith in humanity. Fun. Good music. Lots of great interaction.

Timeliness. Punctuality. Forewarning of events. Sending out forms earlier. Non-dorm sleeping areas.

I really enjoyed it!

Comment #14

I loved the panelists, the leaders. Their involvement in both the workshops and informal talks was great! It was wonderful to be able to approach them outside the formal workshops, panels and lectures. It also have me a sense of hope - as cliched as it may sound - being with people of all ages who both worry and hope as much as I do was comforting.

I think public involvement in the workshops was a bit intimidating. It is hard to speak up over others from the public who may have ulterior motives.

Thank you. Thank you! Grazie! Grazie!

Comment #15

The wealth of information given by all of those on the panel. I also appreciate all the information my peers had to offer. The ambience of this conference was very positive and constructive.

Better promotion. But this was excellent considering it was the first event here.

Thanks! Merci!

Comment #16

I found the diversity of this conference especially valuable, as I have never been to a conference that had speakers from such different backgrounds, ages, and world views. I believe this diversity is what kept the conference stimulating and is what enabled us to actually learn from each other. I also appreciated all the different issues being tied into globalization.

Perhaps part of the conference would take place on the weekend, as it is difficult to miss 4 days at work/school. Better organization and communication with the delegates would be beneficial. This would be achieved by asking certain students to help with organizing the conference. (Students also have access to and are more familiar with services and student life.) If possible, perhaps the conference would be held further away from Santa Barbara. If this happened, more people would participate in the residential component of the conference.

Comment #17

Great people, great food, memorable experiences, very hospitable, all of my needs were taken care of.

It seems that the Casa de Maria lifestyle is one of simple elegance.

Maybe more free time in between talks. More outside talks and/or lunch.

Thank you!

Comment #18

Mr. Grant and Associates:

This conference has been an enriching and focussing experience which I cannot fully estimate the value of at this point because of the proximity. This world often leaves me depressed and questioning of the ability to produce positive change; I can easily get consumed by the grim reality of the current state of things. However, this conference has renewed my hope and reinvigorated my spirit. I cannot fully express my gratitude. You are deserving of so much thanks and have been so humble in accepting the small amount of appreciation that I can offer.

With this review you are expecting constructive criticism which I do not know if I can offer. The only thing I can think of is to keep up the good fight and continue to get young people like myself informed and involved and to not lose HOPE. The ramifications of your work I believe are beyond your capacity to truly know; and I say that with the utmost respect and admiration.

The interaction and conversations that have taken place over the past few days are priceless and will lead to great things in the future. Learning from a sage-like individual that is Satish Kumar is something I will carry with me throughout life. Equally important has been the growth achieved through interaction with my fellow delegates and that is also something I will carry through my life. You are doing work of the highest importance and I am forever indebted to you. THANK YOU!!

Michael Cox