Women's Action Against FGM, Japan (WAAF) is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization launched in January 1996. WAAF works toward the abolition of female genital mutilation (FGM). We now have 130 members, and our activities include:
  • raising awareness among the Japanese public through the dissemination of information on FGM,
  • sending financial support through the WAAF Fund to projects dedicated to the elimination of FGM in Africa, and
  • providing moral support in the international arena for the movement to abolish FGM in Africa.
Although FGM is not practiced in Japan, we see FGM as a harmful practice that poses a serious risk to the sexual and reproductive health of women and as a violation of the bodily integrity and human rights of women. In Japan and every other country in the world, women are subjected to various forms of violence and discrimination. The struggle against violence and discrimination against women has no national nor geographical boundaries. WAAF supports the campaigns against FGM, and we are in spirit with the women and men who are fighting to eliminate this harmful traditional practice.

WAAF activities include:
  • workshops
  • film shows
  • publication of a quarterly newsletter
  • translations of international conventions dealing with FGM
  • fund-raising for the WAAF Fund.
International Symposia
We have held three international symposia in Tokyo to which we invited activists from Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya to speak to the Japanese public about their struggle both locally and nationally in their fight against FGM.

Contact Information
Womenfs Action Against FGM, Japan (WAAF)
@ 2-4-12 Rokutakadai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-2203, Japan
Email: waaf@jca.apc.org (general inquiries)
waafjapan@hotmail.com (WAAF Fund inquiries)