International Summit of the Big Zionist Lie

Stockholm, January 27th, 2000:

Approximately 46 delegations, among which those of more than 30 heads of State or of government, will take part in the "International Conference on the Holocaust" due to be held in Stockholm from the 27th of January, 2000.

Those expected include, in particular,a representative of Bill Clinton (perhaps Hillary Clinton), Robin Cook (representing Tony Blair), Lionel Jospin, Gerhard Schroeder and Ehud Barak.

Elie Wiesel is to be the honorary president of this conference.

Claude Lanzmann,maker of the film Shoah, will be in attendance.

Near this conference's venue, another gathering will be held simultaneously: that of the World Jewish Congress, presided over by the billionaire Edgar Bronfman, who has declared that it is appropriate for the Jews to be "close to the decision-makers".

Historical Revisionism

Beyond the grounds which are referred to officially, the true reason for this extraordinary international meeting is to attempt to thwart the world-wide expansion, thanks largely to the Internet, of historical revisionism.

"Radio Islam" and Internet

Stockholm is generally considered to be the one of the world's most active centres of historical revisionism, thanks to "Radio Islam" and its founder and head Ahmed Rami, a Swedish citizen originally from Morocco.

(Documentation texts and audio on the Internet:, or:

The Auschwitz Myth

Auschwitz was never an "extermination camp", but rather a concentration camp.

The date of January 27th marks the anniversary of the Soviet army's arrival at the Auschwitz complex in 1945.

The Soviets were astonished at discovering a concentration camp far more humane and much better fitted out than their own, and this despite the sight of the sick and the dead remaining there with the other inmates whom the Germans had allowed to stay.

For four days the great Moscow daily Pravda said nothing about Auschwitz.

When it finally did mention the camp it was to claim forthrightly that at Auschwitz the Germans had used mainly the electricity to kill systematically the detainees!

It was only four months afterwards, on 6 May 1945, that Pravda changed one propaganda tale for another: that which had been put about by the American Jews for whom Auschwitz was a place where the Germans killed peoplein huge gas chambers. It is this latter tale which is still accepted today.

Elie Wiesel, Chief False Witness

"A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel": that was the title of a study carried out by the French university professor Robert Faurisson, specialist in text and document analysis.

In his autobiographical work Night, the impostor E. Wiesel, former Auschwitz detainee, "forgot" to mention the gas chambers!

For him, the Germans dumped their victims into blazing pits!

Well treated in the camp, he had, along with his father, chosen, on 18 January 1945, to leave Auschwitz with the Germans, that is, with the SS "murderers", rather than wait for the Soviet "liberators".

( wiesel.htm, or:

The Summit of Swindle, Blackmail and Repression

For over half a century, the organisations assembled within the World Jewish Congress have, with the greatest cynicism, been using the swindle of the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews for political and mercantile ends.

It is thus that they justify the cruel military occupation of Palestine by the Jews and the attendant policy of colonialism, imperialism and annexation.

They accuse the Germans of having committed an abominable crime which the Germans, in reality, never committed.

They accuse Germany's wartime allies of complicity in that alleged crime.

They accuse the countries which were neutral of having remained indifferent to it.

They even accuse the victorious Allies of having let that fictitious crime go on unhindered.

All of these mendacious charges make possible an unending program of blackmail directed towards governments, industrial groups, businesses and banks.

We are today witnessing a frenzy of claims and demands, each new one more sordid than the last, issuing from a multitude of Jewish or Zionist mafias.

Finally, this swindle and blackmail are accompanied by a fierce repression of those intellectuals, academics, researchers and historians who strive to combat THE BIG LIE OF THE 20th CENTURY and to restore the historical truth.

Under pressure from Jewish organisations, countries of the democratic tradition have laden their statute books with special anti-revisionist laws.

This swindle, this blackmail, this repression have become INTOLERABLE!

For a Genuine Anti-racism, for a True Remembrance, for Freedom Under the watchful eye of the Jewish and Zionist lobbies of the World Jewish Congress, the participants of the International Conference on the Holocaust will intone the usual verses of anti-racism and "remembrance".

They will be singing out of tune. For them, "Down with all forms of racism!" signifies: "Down with all forms of racism except the chosen ones' racism!" and amongst them "For remembrance!"means: "For Jewish remembrance!"

These rich, powerful people,these well-organised persecutors will talk as if they were poor, weak and persecuted.

At this time of forced globalisation, of King Dollar and his hollowideology, they intend to call us to heel, under their heel.

But the imperialism of the lie will not win out.

It will come up against all those who struggle for a veritable anti-racism, allowing for no exceptions, for the remembrance of the sufferings of all peoples, bar none, and, finally, for the freedom of thought, of inquiry and of expression, the guaranty, for all, of a genuine independence.



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