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World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai

Seminars and workshops relate to Japan

Asian Peace Alliance, Women and Reconfiguration of the US Military in Asia after 9.11

(2004)US Military Bases in Japan – An Overview new!

(2003) Selected Documents Related To People's Movements in Japan

compiled by the Globalization and People's Transborder Alliances of PPSG

Muto Ichiyo
Some Thoughts about the Empire, Global Power Centres, and People’s Alliances
Neo-Liberal Globalization and People’s Alliance

Women's International War Crimes Tribunal 2000 for the Trial of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery

Yamaguchi Hibiki
Japanese Disarmament Diplomacy?

Protest Toyota Campaign : Support Groups for TMPCWA
Protest Toyota Campaign

Takahashi Kiyotaka
Japanese Diplomacy from NGO's Perspective
--- From the Standpoints of ODA (Abstract of a paper)---

Tokunaga Risa
The Present Situation and Future Tasks of the Struggles for Human Rights of Foreign Residents in Japan: Between Economic Globalization and the Policing of National Borders

Tanaka Tetsuji
WTO--Resisiting against the Mightiest Organization behind Globalization

Sadaharu Oya
The Japanese Government, the IMF and the World Bank

nasubi & Ryna Rusenko
The History of the Urban Lower Class and Homelessness in Japan

Non-regular Employment in Japan

Seminars and workshops relate to Japan (Asia Social Forum 2003)

Women and Poverty (IMADR/ARENA)
Peace Movement in Japan (APA-japan)
Communication Rights against Globalization and War Regime (JCA-NET/APC)

Toshimaru Ogura