Women and Reconfiguration of US Military in Asia After 9.11


A. To provide a platform for women°«s groups to come together and exchange current women°«s situation to identify the influence of the reconfiguration of US military power after 9.11.
B. To share the impact of A on internal regime and situation.
Ex) The acceleration of internal conflict by the influence of
the War on °∆Terror°«, the
acceleration of national militarization, the rise of
nationalist/ rightwing/ fundamentalist/
exclusionist etc.
C. To share women°«s response to A and B in each country (The
information of concrete
methods/strategies will be exchanged.)
D. To share the critical analysis and weakness of current women°«s
movement in each
E. Work out concrete Asia wide joint campaign on International
Women°«s Day 2004.
F. Work out concrete ways by which sustained continuous and regular
information exchange


This event will be divided into 2 parts: THE HALF-DAY OPEN FORUM and SMALL

The Half-day Open Forum
1. Date 20th January 2003
3. The Number of Audience 1,000
4. Used Language English (with no translation)
5. Programme (About 3 and half hour)

1, Opening Speech by a facilitator (3min)
2, Speech America(20min), Indonesia(20min),
India(20min), Japan(20min)
3, Short Break (10min)
4, Speech Korea(20min), Pakistan(20min),
5, Questions/Suggestions from Floor(20min)
6, Special Ceremony: °∆Remembering Yayori Matsui: A
Celebration of Life°«
7, Closing Speech by a facilitator (3min)


Speaker : Margo Okazawa Rey
Organization: East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women°«s Network
The impact of 9.11 and US militarization on women living in America. Report from the activity from East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women°«s Network as the suggestion of linkage between the US and Asia to fight against Bush regime.

Speaker : Raihana Diani (Still not sure)
Organization: Acehnese Women Democratic Organization
Theme : The impact of the War on °∆Terror°« on women living in
Aceh and women°«s

Speaker : Ulvashi Butalia (Still not sure)
Organization: Freelance Journalist
Theme : The impact of reconfiguration of US military on women,
especially regional
conflict between India and Pakistan.

Speaker : Suzuyo Takazato
Organization: Okinawa Women°«s Act Against Military Violence
Theme : The threat of US bases and Japanese militarization on
Okinawan women and
women°«s response.

Speaker : Gyonglan Jung and Young-Nim Yu
Organization: Women Making Peace and Korean Women's Peace Network
Theme : The impact of US bases on women in Korea, and women°«s
dialogue between
North and South Korea to stop next war.

Speaker : Nighat Said Kahn
Organization: ASR Resource Center
Theme : The impact of reconfiguration of US military power and
acceleration of
national militarization on women.

Speaker : Samira Ali Gutoc
Organization: Freelance Journalist
Theme : The return of US military, the impact of war on °∆terror°«
on women living in
Mindanao, and women°«s activity making °∆Peace Zone°«

Small Group Strategy Session
1. Date 20th January 2003
3. Participants All the speakers from the Half-Day Open Forum

Follow-up and Other Activities

A joint statement will be presented as immediate follow-up activity. And the statement will be widely distributed by APA network and related organizations. The record of the Half-Day Open Forum and of the Strategy Session will be widely circulated as a draft form of proceedings and minutes electronically in February. After review and adoption of the results, follow-up work discussed during the session will commence and will be implemented by APA Secretariat, APA-Japan, ASR Resource Center, Gathering for peace as the main organization of APA gender department.