Subject: [cwj 6] 200 ex-bureaucrats got over 30 mil. yen in amakudari
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Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 12:08:42 -0700
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May 2, 2000
Poll: 200 ex-bureaucrats got over 30 mil. yen in amakudari 

                Yomiuri Shimbun

                Two hundred former fast-track bureaucrats received more
than 30 million yen
                each in retirement allowance in the past decade from public
corporations where
                they served as executives after quitting or retiring from
their posts at central
                government offices, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned Monday. 

                The finding was made in a survey conducted by the Prime
Minister's Office. 

                Of the 200, two received more than 30 million yen despite
serving in executive
                posts for fewer than four years and 47 received more than
50 million yen, the
                survey shows. 

                The survey results are expected to accelerate a debate on
the advisability of
                public corporations accepting bureaucrats in the practice
called amakudari
                (descent from heaven), observers said. 

                The survey report compiled by the Prime Minister's Office
looks at the
                reemployment situation over the 10 years from fiscal 1990
of section chiefs and
                higher-ranking bureaucrats from central government offices
at public
                corporations under the jurisdiction of ministries and
agencies to which they

                This is the first time that the Prime Minister's Office has
compiled a report on
                retirement allowances paid to former bureaucrats by public
corporations under
                the jurisdiction of all central government offices. 

                The survey covered a total of 6,879 public corporations.
Former career
                bureaucrats assumed executive posts at 1,157 of them, the
survey shows. A
                total of 3,334 former bureaucrats assumed an executive post
at one public
                corporation and 442 others took such posts at two or more
public corporations,
                the survey notes. 

                As of Oct. 1 last year, 1,547 former bureaucrats held such

                Of the 2,240 former career bureaucrats who retired from
public corporations,
                154 did not receive retirement allowance because they were
recruited as
                part-time officials. 

                A breakdown of those who received more than 30 million yen
by the term of
                their tenure in executive posts shows 98 with more than 10
years in such posts,
                52 with more than eight years but less than 10 years, and
29 with more than six
                years but less than eight years. 

                Thus, those with six or more years in executive posts
accounted for about 80
                percent of the total. 

                Two worked for more than two years but less than four years
and 19 for more
                than four years but less than six years, indicating that
many of the former
                bureaucrats received a huge amount of retirement allowance
although they held
                their amakudari jobs for only a short time. 

                The latest survey also covered "migratory" former
bureaucrats who landed jobs
                at two or more public corporations. The survey shows that
442 former
                government officials assumed executive posts at two or more
                corporations. Of the 442, 197 received retirement
allowances from two or more
                public corporations. 

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