Subject: [cwj 38] Tell BP Amoco to Stop Funding Destruction of Tibet!
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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 12:49:35 -0700
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Tell BP Amoco to Stop Funding Destruction of Tibet!

Sponsored by: Corporate Watch and International Campaign for Tibet
Posted: June 9, 2000


The Tibet Pipeline
Drilling into the Land of Snows

For the first time, western corporations are involved in a major resource
extraction project in Tibet. BP Amoco, Enron, and Agip (Italy) are all
assisting PetroChina in the construction of the Sebei-Lanzhou gas pipeline
-The Tibet Pipeline.

The 953 km pipeline represents a significant escalation of China's ongoing
strategy of developing Tibet into a resource extraction colony, and would
remove petroleum from Tibet without any benefit for Tibetans. Begun in
March, and scheduled to be completed in October 2001, this project could
implicate western corporations in ongoing human rights violations in Tibet.

The Tsaidam basin, located on the Northern Tibetan plateau, is rich in oil
and gas reserves. Development of this basin into a major petroleum (oil &
gas) producing region is one of the major economic interests behind China's
continued occupation of Tibet, and one of the major strategic priorities
for the development of China's petroleum industry.  Constructing this
pipeline paves the way for full-scale petroleum development in Tibet.

The pipeline, and the increased drilling, will pose serious threats to
Tibet's fragile environment, which is the headwaters for virtually all of
Southeast Asia's great rivers. Tibetans will almost certainly watch Chinese
control over the region further tighten, as more military will be brought
in to protect the project. For this, Tibetans can expect to see little if
anything in return, like many other communities around the world where oil
and gas are found.

In April of this year BP Amoco bailed out PetroChina from a near disastrous
initial showing on the New York Stock Exchange, and invested $580 million
in the Chinese oil company. This cash infusion makes BP Amoco the largest
foreign investor in PetroChina, and covers the estimated $530 million
needed to construct the Tibet pipeline. BP Amoco did elect not to
participate in the pipeline joint venture, but their money still fuels the

Demand that BP Amoco immediately withdraw their investment in PetroChina,
and stop funding China's exploitation of Tibet!

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