Subject: [cwj 147] Letter of Support from Japan All Shipbuilding and Engineering Union
From: Corporate Watch in Japanese <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 14:29:31 -0700
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Mr.Marchelo Malentacy

Mr. Kusano Tadayoshi
Chairman of IMF-JC and Chairman of Federation of Auto Workers

Mr. Jinno Susumu
Toyota Motor Workers Union

March 29,2001
Japan All Shipbuilding and Engineering Union
Kanto regional Council

We received an appeal from TMPCWA (Toyota Motor Philippines Workers
Association) through YCW (Young Christian Workers) of Philippines.

According to the appeal,

- TMPCWA had the certification election for the union last March 8,   
2000 with majority of the workers voted yes for the union.

- In spite of the fact that the union was certified as the sole and   
exclusive bargaining representative by the Labor Department, the      
Toyota management still refuses to recognize the union and even       
strengthen their harassment to destroy the union up to the present    

-(The company) filed again another labor case ... just to delay the
negotiation and to demoralize the union members.

-(Due to these extraordinary situation at Toyota Motor Philippines),  
the union had no choice but to start the call for a strike.

-The union have already conducted strike vote with more than majority 
of the members agreed and voted yes and showed readiness to go on     

-In light of the above, the union is appealing for our support and    
assistance, financial, material, and moral to sustain this struggle.

The 8th IMF Toyota World Council, which was held in July 1999,        
declared in its resolution that "We base ourselves on democracy and   
support the right of workers at all the operation units of Toyota     
Company and its suppliers in the whole world to organize strong trade 
unions without interference by the management or the government.  We  
will strengthen our international solidarity so that unions can       
exchange their experiences and ideas with each other"  The hostility  
shown by the employers of Toyota Motor Philippines against the union  
activities of TMPCWA cannot be accepted.

Toyota Motor Corp. is a prestige international company and the basic  
policy of the company includes its willingness to "respect the        
national and international laws and the spirit behind these laws" and 
"become a respectable corporate citizen of the international society  
through open and fair business operation" as its first commitment.    
The hostility and unfair attitude by Toyota Motor Philippines aainst  
their employee is utterly contradict to this policy.

To make matters worse, Toyota Motor Philippines abruptly dismissed 291
workers on the 16th of March and suspended 30 workers.  TMPCWA was   
forced to start strike actions at Bictan factory and Santa Losa       
factory with dismissed workers picketing in front of the gates.

A hearing was taken place at the office of Department of Labor and    
Employment  on the 20th of this month, but the company only sent their
lawyer as their representative.  DoLE ordered the management should   
attend the next hearing to be held on the 27th.

It is clear that the dismissal is aimed at destroying the union.  It  
must not be allowed.

We want you to extend your support to TMPCWA and denounce the         
management to pursuade them to withdraw the dismissal and suspension  
of members of TMPCWA, immediately let them return to their place,     
abandon the hostile attitude against TMPCWA, withdraw lawsuits against
the union, and take to the negotiation table on the collective        
bargaining agreement in a normalized employee-employer relation.

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