Subject: [cwj 139] URGENT: Workers Dying from Pesticides
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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:09:29 -0800
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Dear friend:

Here is an urgent request from workers in India who have been poisoned by a
Japanese owned (Takeda Chemicals Industries Ltd) pesticide plant.  Please
send all relevant information on this company and their products to me at AND to Jayan at  We are especially
interested in the health impacts in producing PADAN as well as past
violations by this company.  The group that posted this email have no email
address so we will get them the information through other groups in India


Amit Srivastava

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Subject:        	A Plea for Help - Workers Dying from Pesticides

Help us we are dying by handling pesticide

Posted by Coromandel indag employees Union on 2/23/01
We are a Trade Union in India numbering around 125members.
We are poor workers earning around USD 50 per month (Rs 2000/-).
We are producing/handling formulations of Cartap Hydrochloride 50 SP/
4g for and on behalf of Takeda Chemicals Industries Ltd, Japan in
India. under their brand name PADAN We have been doing so from 1988

We found our members working in the PADAN plant are suffering in many
ways in health and one of our members died due to handling the
chemical. We started complaining but all the parties involved in the
manufacturing ran away to another place in the north of India to
manufacture the product and they all left us high and dry with all
kinds of medical problems and have exploited us.

We did not have any money to file a case in a court to seek justice
against the evil manufacturers a Good Samaritan Advocate has helped us
and filled a case against the manufacturers. Now we do not have the
expertise to fight this case to help our members get some
compensation. We know that you have got great expertise in this kind
of Toxic law. Please help us to fight our case in court by sending us
relevant data / information/case law to strengthen our case and guide
us as to fight the case in a scientific manner.

Pesticides and the lobby is strong in India Therefore kindly help us
in any way you can with regard to information .We have attached the
notice sent and the petition filled in court for your kind

 Help us please as we do not have the knowledge as to how to go about
in the field of Toxic tort law. In case you know of some of your
friends/organisations who will help us in knowledge please send us
their e-mail id or website.

Thanking you Sir
Coromandel Indag Products Employees Union
Secretary R.P Pushparaj.
Work Is Worship
Coromandel Indag Products Employees Union
Secretary : R.P Pushparaj.
Registered Under The Trade Union Act (India)
Reg No:376/CPT
Address:No 598 ,T.H Road,Ennore,Chennai,600 057,
Tamilnadu State,India.
(We are a Trade Union numbering around 125 Members)

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Jayakumar C.

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Thanal Conservation Action and Information Network, 
P B # 815 , Kawdiar , Thiruvananthapuram ,
Kerala , India.

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