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We Shall Always Remember :@Tribute to KANG Deuk-Kyung Halmoni

Made by Video Juku/1997/16 min@       Available in English title


This documentary portrays KANG Deuk-Kyung's daily life before her death, as a leading member of the "House of Sharing" in South Korea. She was a "comfort woman" forced into prostitution by the Japanese military. This film records her charges to "punish those responsible", in her art work, and her last message towards the Japanese people.



One Truth@A Hainanese gComfort Womanh@Testifies

eLXg {bNX:  Directed by FOO Choo Wei/1998/14 min@@Available in English title


67 of the "comfort stations" of the Japanese Military had been confirmed in Hainan Island of China. Zuo Ah Bian who lives deep in the mountains of Lin Shui Prefecture was forced to be "comfort woman" by the Japanese military at the age of 14. She speaks out her physical and emotional scar and pain that carries to this day.



Burma's Vanished gComfort Womenh

Record of the field research from May 1997 to September 1998@

Directed by MORIKAWA Machiko /1999/22 min@(English title not available)

The entire land of Burma was occupied by the Japanese military from March 1942 to the beginning of 1945. Through testimony of the Korean survivor Moon Okchu; interviews of the Japanese soldiers who remained, translator of the former Japanese military, and local people; and newly found documents, it reveals the hidden reality of the Burman "comfort women" and "comfort stations" by the Japanese Military.





Memories of Da-niang:@Testimonies of the Chinese Grannies@

Made by Video Juku/1999/21 min@Available in English title


In Shan Xi prefecture, the most hard-fought field battle of the China-Japan war, under the "Uninhibited Land" operation, many women were kidnapped and raped. It is a report of the investigation at the local scene, of Da-niang (Grannies) who have sued the Japanese government.


Testimony by Ha Sang Suk

the former Korean@gcomfort womanh in Muhan, China

Directed by SEYAMA Noriko, SUDA Kaori/2000/10min@(English title not available)


Ha Sang Suk was taken to Muhan, China from South Korea when she was 16-year-old. Then she was forced to be a "comfort woman" at SEKKEIRI, which was a big "comfort stations" managed by Japanese army. In this short piece we'll show you Ha's story and her wishes...




The Testimony of Rosalind: the former gcomfort womanh in Malaysia

Directed by TOKUNAGA Risa/2000/9min@@Available in English title


Rosalind in Penan Island testified her about 3 years horrendous experience as a "comfort woman" in Malaysia. She is the first woman to appear in her true name. She was pregnant with child of one of the Japanese army and gave birth to the child.



gComfort Womenh of Japanese Army in Burma: The record of inquiry during 1997-2000

Directed by MORIKAWA Machiko /2000/40min@@(English title not available)


In this film, two victims living in Rangoon, who were forced and taken from Canton and Hong Kong, Moon Okchu who was forced and taken from Taikyu, South Korea and then could come back to her hometown, testified. The former Japanese army and some concerned persons also testified about the Burman victims. We can also see many vivid images of the former "comfort station".



 gComfort Womenh Recorded in Photographs:

The testimony of Paku Yonsim in North Korea

Directed by AONO Emiko/2000/20min@@(English title not available)


The moment 4 Korean "comfort women" are arrested in China they were taken photographs by the US army. One of the women was Paku Yonsimu, whom was forced and taken around to some "comfort stations" along the way from Nanjing, China to Burma. This film traces her experience 60 years ago, through testimonies provided by former Japanese army with her at that time.