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The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal
Hague Final Judgment







2002/VHS/Color/33 min.  Produced by: Video Juku


On December 4, 2001, the final judgment for the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal was presented in the Hague, The Netherlands. The 10 highest-ranking officials of the Japanese government and military before and during World War II were found guilty, including Emperor Hirohito. The State of Japan was found responsible for the sexual crimes committed during World War II.


Thus, a revolutionary and historical People's Tribunal found Japan's military sexual slavery system, which caused the suffering of hundreds and thousands of women throughout Asia, guilty as a crime against humanity. "Hague Final Judgment" shows the calls for justice of the survivors and prosecutors who gathered in the Hague for this final judgment, and finally the core points from the judgment, which took the judges more than 2 hours to present.


When the judges individually handed over the 245-page judgment to each survivor, the women were delighted. Some women thrust the document high into the air for the audience to see and cried out for the victory, and some women even hugged the judges and prosecutors.


At the end of the video, four judges, two chief prosecutors, and the legal advisors each give a message to the people of Japan.  They contain universal messages to all of those who are seeking peace and justice.


Let us share the exciting moment of the Hague final judgment with you.