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Peoples' Forum 2001, Japan

is a national NGO network of national environmental NGOs(Non-governmental Organizations), CBOs(Community-based Organizations) and individuals being active to bring about sustainable society. The Forum's task is to serve as aclearing house as well as to provide a framework of activities for the members.The Forum's activities include research, education, publication and policy dialogues with different sectors to alter current economic and political systems to be ecologically and socially sustainable and just. 

The Forum was established in November 1993 to serve as a national window for environmental NGOs to follow up on UNCED (Earth Summit) agenda and commitments.



Peoples' Forum 2001, Japan

Address Maruko bld 3F, Higashiueno 1-20-6,

Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 JAPAN

Phone +81-3-3834-2436

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住所110-0015東京都台東区東上野 1-20-6


Phone 03-3834-2436

Fax 03-3834-2406