NO! TO MAI Japan Campaign

We oppose to the further continuation of the negotiations of the MAI (Multilateral Agreement onInvestment ) and insist that the universal rule on the activities of multinational corporations should be created.

News from "NO! TO MAI JAPAN CAMPAIGN" (Mar 1998 -- Arl 1998)

News from "NO! TO MAI, JAPAN CAMPAIGN" (Jul 1998 -- Sep 1998)

Postcard Campaign to OECD

Statement by Japanese Citizens and NGOs on the MAI,October 1997

What"s New?

We propose the establishment of the fund for a protection of the farmer's right to survive, and the prevention of starvation and the destruction of the ecosystem and the natural environment.

Proposal for the Establishment of " A Small-Scale Agriculture Protection Fund"

People's Forum 2001, Japan...Policy Review series


Activities Planned for 2000-2001

 Project on the environmental and social effects of the liberalization of trade and investmentt

 Project: Publication of a booklet targetting consumers on the environmental and social impacts/repercussions of consumer goods

 Translation and publication of booklet on globalization and the water issue

 Project on Global Warming

 Workshop for consensus building among Asian NGOs

Summary of Peoples' Forum 2001


Summary of Activities of Peoples' Forum 2001

  Information disseminationResearch and public debatesPolicy proposals

Past Activities of Peoples' Forum 2001

 Project on Environment and Trade

 Global warming and atmospheric pollution

 Environmental education

Study Groups hosted by Peoples' Forum 2001

 Study Group on Global WarmingStudy Group on EnergyStudy Group on Finance and Environment

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