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                                      Last Update: 1 February 2000

The aim of our association

In December 1937, the Japanese military occupied Nanjing, capital of China, plundered the old capital and destroyed it by arson. They massacred the people and raped women of the city. They committed every atrocity they could. This is the "Nanjing Massacre" that people call disrespect of humankind and civilization. It was an incident that Japanese invasion against China over a long period of time and a contempt for the Chinese brought about.
Accepting the defeat of an aggressive war as "the mere end of a war", Japan has been continuing to cover up this historic fact and keep emphasizing "No more Hiroshima" from the suffered's point of view. However, it is neccessary for Japan to appeal to the public for "No more Nanjing" with the historic recognition that there existed assaults including "Nanjing Massacre" before "Hiroshima".
Commemorating the 60th of the so-called 1937 Nanjing Massacre, we established this association to engrave this past deeply in our mind, seek for reconciliation with the Chinese and to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the Japanese and the Chinese.

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News of "No More Nanjing" Association, Tokyo

Newsletter No. 2, June 1998
"The Rape of Nanking" reviewed by Liu Caipin

Activities until now

An art exhibition-"Nanjing 1937", Tokyo, Dec.'96

Telephone hotline for information on Nanjing Massacre, Oct.'97

International Symposium commemorating the 60th of the so-called 1937 Nanjing Massacre, Tokyo, Dec.'97

Symposium on the "Nanjing Rape", Dec.'98

International Citizens' Forum on War Crimes and Redress, Dec.'99

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