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Nancy Sobolevitch, Court Administrator
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
1515 Market St., #1414
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dear Ms. Sobolevitch,
I write to share my deep concern about the continued involvement of Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Albert Sabo in the post-conviction appeals of death row prisoners.
Judge Sabo has long had the reputation among members of the Philadelphia Bar as a "prosecutor in robes" and has been deemed by The Philadelphia Inquirer as "a defendant's nightmare." The judge's behavior during the highly>publicized post-conviction hearing of Mumia Abu-Jamal in 1995 was so unjudicial that the mainstream American Lawyer found that he "flaunted his bias, oozing partiality towards the prosecution."
Now a senior judge, Sabo has sentenced more than twice as many people to death than any other judge in the U.S. During his tenure as Common Pleas judge, he handled fewer homicide cases than many of his colleagues and still ended up with far more death sentences.
According to the Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct, "a judge should disqualify [her/]himself in a proceeding in which [her/]his impartiality might reasonably be questioned." (Canon 3(c)(1)) Yet, Sabo has refused to relinquish appellate review of any of his death cases despite repeated motions for his recusal filed by numerous defendants raising reasonable questions about his biased behavior.
Clearly, Judge Sabo cannot be an impartial judge of his own bias. His continued involvement in capital appeals serves to undermine public confidence in the state courts' ability to guarantee fairness. And such public concern is of particular consequence right now, in light of ongoing revelations of police and prosecutorial misconduct in Philadelphia.
As Court Administrator, you are responsible for recommending senior judges to the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for placement on the bench. I urge you to stop recommending Judge Sabo and to remove his name from the Judicial Assignment Register. Twenty-one of the 32 men Sabo has sentenced to death remain on death row today. They certainly deserve to have their cases reviewed by an unbiased judge before the state moves to take their lives.



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Nancy Sobolevitch, Court Administrator
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
1515 Market St., #1414
Philadelphia, PA 19102