Mumia's Statemetit for Dec 9 1996


I must thank all the brave Souls who have come through this bitter cold to make your voices heard.

You stand at the truest capital that America has ever known, not its political capital but the capital of Capital. Here on Wall Street is the true life blood of this state.

Here, at its heartbeat, is also its death beat. Every war fought since 1776 on, has begun here to enrich those within this temple of property.

I thank you all for raising your voices. On behalf of freedom, of justice5 of liberty and of Life.

Every president, every politician bows his knee or curtsies before this wellspring of wealth. Every newspaper, every radio station, every TV network, owes its economic existence and its editorial line, to tile wizards of wealth who wheel and deal and trade within these walls.

In .a capitalist system, capital is the highest goal and those without are treated with the lowest contempt It is fitting that we be heard here at America's highest court of appeals. Let the roar of revolution resound from here to all corners of this empire. Let freedom begin to truly ring. Let our echoes sound as vibrations of solidarity for political prisoners across this Babylon.

Free the MOVE 9! Free all political prisoners!

Ona Move!