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Monday July 3 3:13 AM ET
Japan Police Arrest U.S. Marine for Molesting Girl

   TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese police said Monday they had arrested a U.S.
marine for molesting a 14-year-old school girl on the southern island of
Okinawa, just weeks before President Clinton attends the Group of Eight
summit there.
   The case is likely to add fuel to local resentment at the massive U.S.
military presence, which was already expected to result in protests at the
high-profile summit.
   A police spokesman in Okinawa said the drunken 19-year-old marine, whose
name and home town were withheld due to his age, had entered the apartment
of the highschool girl in the early hours of Monday morning and molested her
while she was sleeping.
   The man belonged to the U.S. Marine Corps at the Futenma Air Station in
central Okinawa, the spokesman said.
   The Okinawa prefectural government said it had lodged a protest with the
U.S. military over the incident, calling for stricter discipline on its
personnel and action to prevent similar crimes.
   "This must not happen here again. The U.S. military must be aware of how
the Okinawans feel about the presence of U.S. military on Okinawa," said an
official with the Okinawa prefectural government.
   A U.S. embassy spokesman in Tokyo said the embassy was aware of the
arrest, but could make no comment at the moment.
   Monday's incident is a potential embarrassment for Clinton just three
weeks ahead of the July 21-23 summit.
   Residents of Okinawa have long objected to the fact that while they have
less than one percent of Japan's land area, they play host to more than 75
percent of the U.S. air bases in the country.
   Resentment at the military presence there flared in 1995 following the
rape of a schoolgirl by three U.S. servicemen.

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