In 1974, two children disappeared at Kabutoyama Gakuen. Police arrested Ms. Yamada, nurse. However she is innocent. The Kabutoyama trial is still under way. Ms. Yamada and Mr. Araki were acuquitted by the Kobe District Court on March 24,1998. Ms.Tada also got the jugement of not guilty. But the Kobe District Public Prosecutors Office made decision to file Koso-appeal on April 6, 1998. This trial has continued for more than 24 years.
The second appeal trial before the Osaka High Court begins January 1999 and closes hearings with five sessions taking only two months.


The not-guilty decision was made by the Osaka High Court on September 29, 1999 for Yamada. Acquittal decisions are also expected to be given on October 22 for Araki and October 29 for Tada. We contend that the Prosecutors do no longer file any appeal against the decisions for their innocence.
Please keep paying attention to this case. (9.29, 1999)


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