UN Resolution "Science and Peace"

The original copy of this document is adopted from the Gopher Service of the United Nations Development Programme.

                                                        71st plenary meeting
                                                        6 December 1988

                            Science and peace

      The General Assembly,

      Considering that progress in science and technology profoundly affects
 international peace and security, economic and social development, respect for
 human rights and many other aspects of civilization and culture,

      Considering also that political and economic decisions have a decisive
 effect on the direction of scientific research and the use of the results
 obtained thereby,

      Recalling that scientific and technological achievements must be used to
 advance socio-economic progress and the effective enjoyment of human rights
 throughout the world,

      Considering that the arms race absorbs a substantial proportion of the
 scientific talent and financial resources used in related research and
 development, which, in a more peaceful and secure world, could be used to
 solve other pressing problems facing mankind,

      Recalling that in its resolution 40/3 of 24 October 1985, by which it
 proclaimed the International Year of Peace, it recognized the role of science
 for peace,

      Recalling also its resolution 42/13 of 28 October 1987 on the
 achievements of the International Year of Peace, in which it urged Member
 States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and the world
 community to persevere in their efforts, developing initiatives conducive to
 the objectives of the Year, and expressed the hope that the ideals and
 objectives contained in the Proclamation of the International Year of Peace
 would continue to be an inspiration for concerted action,

      Affirming that it is necessary to promote greater awareness among
 scientists world wide of the usefulness of science to increase international
 peace, security and co-operation, the social and economic development of
 mankind, the promotion of human rights and the protection of the environment,

      Affirming, in particular, the need for scientists to establish a free and
 open dialogue between one another, and with political leaders and the public
 in general, with regard to scientific developments and their present and
 potential implications for our civilization,

      Considering the importance of encouraging scientists to work towards
 constructive objectives, to improve the climate for arms control and
 disarmament, and to promote a dialogue on important topics in connection with
 the positive contributions that scientific knowledge can make to peace,
 security and ecological balance,

      Noting with appreciation the joint efforts made by scientists and members
 of other professional groups to promote the achievement of those aims through
 the holding of the First International Week of Scientists for Peace from 10 to
 16 November 1986 and the Second International Week of Scientists for Peace
 from 9 to 15 November 1987,

      Considering that the celebration each year of a special week of action
 devoted to the topic "Science and peace" is an important means of generating
 and increasing public interest in this topic and of stimulating activities and
 initiatives leading to the study and dissemination of information on the links
 between progress in science and technology and the maintenance of peace and

      1.   Decides to proclaim the "International Week of Science and Peace",
 which will take place each year during the week in which 11 November falls;

      2.   Urges Member States and intergovernmental and non-governmental
 organizations to encourage universities and other institutions of advanced
 studies, scientific academies and institutes, and professional associations
 and individuals in the scientific community to hold, during that Week,
 lectures, seminars, special debates and other activities conducive to the
 study and dissemination of information on the links between progress in
 science and technology and the maintenance of peace and security;

      3.   Urges Member States to promote international co-operation among
 scientists by facilitating exchanges of experts and information;

      4.   Requests the Secretary-General to draw the attention of Member
 States and interested organizations to the importance of the International
 Week of Science and Peace and invite them to report to him on their activities
 and initiatives in connection with this event, and to report thereon to the
 General Assembly at its forty-fifth session.

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