Subject: [fem-women2000 790] ** IMPORTANT ** list closing (comments accepted up to 4/17 )
From: lalamaziwa <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 20:40:31 +0900 (JST)
Seq: 790

Thank you for subscribing to fem-women2000

The managers of the mailing list consider that this list has
completed it's original mission to exchange information around
"Women 2000" event that took place March 2000.

Thus we are planning to officially close this list by end
of April. If you have comments or request on this decision, please
send them in by 17th April. Your comments will be feed back to
the list members at a later time.  Upon reviewing the comments, 
we will reconsider our plans if there are strong/interesting
opinions on how to go about this. 

Currently, most information dissemination in Japanese language
is taking place at (information-only
mailing list - also archive on web), and
(open to discussion).

Most of the English language information that has been ported to
this list can be found on following mailing lists. So please
take a moment and subscribe to them yourselves. (CSW NY NGO Committe's Public Mailing List) (Isis International Manila's Public Mailing List) (IWTC Global Net - IWTC's Public Mailing List)

 NOTE: if you scroll through the archives, you will find
       subscription instructions for these mailing lists at the
       end of respective messages.
       Location of web archive is listed at the end of this 
       email message.

If you have suggestion of more informative mailing lists, please send in your suggestion with a short description of the list. We are happy to publicize the availability of such a list through our own mailing list and the website.

Thanks again for joining us!

 fem-women2000 list manager

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