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Subject: [apwomen2000] Report on the forty-sixth session of the CSW, New York

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Subject: Report on the forty-sixth session of the CSW, New York
source: Nurgul Djanaeva <>
forwarded by: Susanna George <>
date: 03.07.02
Dear apwomen2000,

We are posting an informal report on the on-going 46th Session of the UN 
Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), that came in from  Nurgul 
Djanaeva. Nurgul is a member of the APWLD and the APWomenSteer.
Dear friends,

Greetings from all of the women participating from AP region: Yukiko Oda 
(from Japan),  Pawadee Tonguthai (Thailand), Tahira Khan (Pakistan), Neela 
Matin (Bangladesh), Nurgul Djanaeva (Kyrgyzstan), Young Hai (South Korea), 
and Youn Sook  South Korea

Pre-CSW Session

2 March: Advocacy Training for CSW

Virgina Chitanda (International human Rights Law group) and Sara Longwe 
(Zambia) facilitated this Training to orient everyone,  especially 
firsttimers to the CSW process. Many found it useful.

3 March: NGO Consultation

An "NGO consultation: Gender, Peace and Security" was held this day, with 
Leslie Wright chaired it.  Speakers for this consultation were Dubravka 
Simonovich, CSW chairperson, Conchita Pocini (NGO committee on the Status 
of Women),  Thoraya Obaid (UNFPA),  Angela King (UN Assistant 
Secretary-General and Special Advisor on Gender Issues and Advancement of 
Women), and Maha Muna (Women's Commission on Women and Children). Speakers 
shared reports on the work done by the CSW last year, and noted the 
significant contribution of women's NGOs to the work of the CSW.  Thotaya 
Obaid spoke of the situation of women in Afghanistan, while Maha Muna 
stressed the need for refugee camps to be safe havens. She reports that 
there were instances where Humanitarian assistance staff themselves were 
responsible for the sexual abuse and violation of other women's rights in 

The Consultation programme also included a Panel Discussion on Women, Peace 
and Security, followed by break-out discussion groups. These break-out 
workshops focused on the following concerns:

Eradicating poverty, including the empowerment of girls and women of all 
ages, touching on: 1) Macroeconomic policies and development strategies, 
2) Law and human rights, 3) Resource allocation and training.

Environmental management and mitigation of natural disasters from a 
gendered perspective;

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security;

4 March: NGO Orientation Session

Similar to the Advocacy Seminar for NGos, this session, Chaired by Leslie 
Wright, was useful in terms of updating the NGO participants on the 
proceses and issues around the CSW.

During the CSW sessions

4 March: 25 interventions were made from States, 3  from international 
agencies, 5  from NGOs (in the afternoon session).

5 March:  An NGO briefing was held from 9 to 10 am, with Leslie Wright 
chairing it. Important information regarding the process was discussed. A 
Bureau was elected, with the following members: Brazil (representing  Latin 
America), Korea  (for Asia), Belgium  (for Europe). As of this writing, it 
still was not determined which country would be representing the East 
European region. NGOs who are new to the CSW process, were given the 
opportunity to make interventions and express their concern.

International groupings set up process started on:

- a temporary group with one representative from regions for- 
  development of concrete recommendation on making the work of CSW better. 
  From AP Women's caucus Young Hai is participating.

- A group to discuss Bejing+10 /World Conference 5 process and NGOs 
  engagement  with at least one representative form each region. From AP 
  women's caucus Nurgul Djanaeva is participating.  Initiative on raising 
  B+10/Women's World conference 5 discussions came from the APWW and APWLD.

It was also announced that international women's day will be on Afghanistan 

Group on Bejing+10 /World Conference 5 process  today it was announced and 
one meeting was held immediately after the NGO briefing. Asia Pacific, 
Europe, USA, representatives met and scheduled a broader meeting for 6 
March to discuss messages from regional women's caucuses regarding B+10 
(alternatives to W5, level of engagement, type of work, etc.). 
Representative from Africa will join tomorrow the small group meeting as 
well as a woman from Cuba. Probably coming Thursday a big discussion will 
be held on this issues.

  AP Women's caucus was on 4th March. it was agreed that the following 
reports will be made:

- Girls: a new commodity in Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle - by 
  Pawadee Tonguthai
- Gender and poverty in transitional economies - by Nurgul Djanaeva
- Experiences in eradicating poverty among Chinese women - by Song 
- Women's human rights in environmental management and mitigation 
  of natural disasters by Nilufar Matin
- Proposals for building a gender justice and sustainable society 
   -  by Yukiko Oda
- Humanitarian aid activities of Korean NGOs and civil society - 
  by Young Hai Park
- Women face disaster: Mutual support in managing the adjustment of 
  mental health, human rights and microeconomics - by 
  Chueh Chang and Yvonne Lin
- Women and security regarding poverty and environment - by Tahira Khan.

Today Latin American and carribean women's caucus was planned.

600 copies are printed, copied and in the active process of distribution.

South - South  cooperation - APWLD/APWW (Nurgul) met with Mutoni from 
Africa and a preliminary discussion was on continuation of cooperation. 
A meeting to be held soon after discussion in women's caucuses.

Several panels and workshops were held:

DAW/NGO - Panel on Poverty; Global Alliance for women's health panel - on 
Vital Voices: women as economic forces: NGO Committee on UNIFEM with UNIFEM 
interactive workshop on - Eradicating poverty through empowering women; 
Rural development leadership network panel on - Empowering rural women and 
poverty; UNHCR workshop on - Promoting gender equality in refugee settings: 
strategies for success; WILDAF panel on -  NEPAD -  Implications for women 
and poverty; World bank/OSAGI/Interaction  panel on gender mainstreaming 
strategies; International Alert panel on gender and peace support 
operations; NGO CSW SCOW workshop on Older women's issues, etc..

With warm regards,

Nurgul Djanaeva 

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