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Initiatives and Activities of Women Worldwide
By Anne S. Walker

December 31, 2001


We wish all of our Women's GlobalNet readers the very best for 2002, and 
resolve with all of you to make 2002 a Year for Women, Peace and 
Security. Many of our homes, towns and countries were badly battered 
during 2001 and women were amongst those who suffered most. From here in 
New York, with thanks to all those who have sent us words of concern and 
support following the events of September 11th, we send our hope for a 
world free of poverty and violence, a world of justice, sustainable 
development and peace for all. 

MARCH 4-15, 2002, NEW YORK

Please Note: The following information has been adapted from the website 
of the UN Division for the Advancement of Women at: 

The forty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will be 
held from 4-15 March 2002, at New York UN Headquarters. At this session 
the Commission will consider the following two thematic issues: 

1. Eradicating poverty, including through the empowerment of women 
throughout their life cycle in a globalizing world; 2. Environmental 
management and mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspective. 

Monday, 4 March: a.m. Opening of session. Election of officers (Item 1). 
Adoption of agenda and organization of work (Item 2). Appointment of 
members of working group on communications. Introduction of reports 
followed by dialogue. General debate (Item 3)*. p.m. General debate 
(Item 3) continued including NGO interventions

Tuesday 5 March: a.m. General debate (Item 3) continued including NGO 
interventions. p.m. General debate (Item 3) continued including NGO 

Wednesday 6 March: a.m. Item 3c: PANEL I - Eradicating poverty, 
including through the empowerment of women throughout their life cycle 
in a globalizing world.  p.m. Item 3c: PANEL 2 - Environmental 
management and mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspective

Thursday 7 March: a.m. Consideration of the Report of the SG assessing 
implications of reforms of mechanisms in the human rights area for 
communications procedure (Item 6).  p.m. Discussion on follow-up to 
ECOSOC resolutions and decisions (Item 5)

Friday 8 March: a.m. 10.00 to 11.30 a.m. - International Women's Day 
observance. 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. - Consideration of working methods 
of CSW (Item 3c).  p.m. Consideration of working methods of CSW (Item 
3c) Continued Informal discussions on agreed conclusions of thematic 
issues (Item 3c)

Monday 11 March: a.m. Informals. p.m. Introduction of proposals 
including provisional agenda for 47th session of CSW (Item 6). Informals

Tuesday 12 March
a.m. and p.m. Informals

Wednesday 13 March
a.m. Closed meeting to consider the report of the Working Group on 
Communications (Item 4).  Informals. p.m. Informals

Thursday 14 March
a.m. Informals. p.m. Action on proposals. Informals

Friday 15 March
a.m. Action on outstanding issues. p.m. Adoption of the report (Item 7). 
 Closure of the session

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are accredited to, and in 
good standing with, the Economic and Social Council of the UN are 
eligible to designate representatives to attend the session. Invitation 
letters to ECOSOC accredited NGOs have already been sent out. These NGOs 
are asked to provide the pre-registration form listing their 
representatives to the UN Division for the Advancement of Women (UN/DAW) 
no later than Tuesday, 15 January 2002. Please note that NGOs may not 
forward additional representatives after this date and that the 
substitution of names of representatives after Thursday, 31 January 2002 
will not be allowed. 

As has been the practice of prior years, there will be a room designated 
for use by NGOs. NGOs will be permitted to participate in the session by 
providing written statements relating to the two thematic issues. NGOs 
that are interested in providing a statement may do so no later than 15 
January 2002. Please keep in mind that there is much processing that 
needs to be done to prepare these statements as official United Nations 
documents before the Commission begins. Kindly submit these statements 
directly to Ms. Kate Starr Newell at: UN Secretariat, Room 2950D, United 
Nations, New York, NY 10017, USA. For guidelines relating to these 
statements, please link to the NGO/ECOSOC website: 

NGOs will, time permitting, be permitted to provide input into the 
session by presenting an oral intervention during the general debate and 
the expert panels time permitting. NGOs will be required to request time 
for their intervention in advance of the session, and to complete a form 
which lists the name of the speaker, organization(s)/caucus, topic to be 
addressed and endorsing groups. NGOs will also be required to provide 
seventeen copies of the statement for distribution to the bureau and 
translators. Please contact Ms. Denise Scotto at UN/DAW for further 
information. Email: <>

NGOs will also be permitted to organized side events during the session. 
In order to request space for such an event, please contact Ms. Scotto. 

Please Note: The following has been adapted from an Informational Note 
of the NGO Commission on the Status of Women (NGO/CSW)

NGO CONSULTATION Sunday March 3, 2002,
9.00 am - 4.30 pm. (Registration 9.00 am)
Organized by the NGO Committees on the Status of Women (New York, Geneva 
and Vienna). Due to heightened security restrictions, it will not be 
held at the UN but will at another New York location yet to be decided. 
Plans call for panels on both thematic areas (Gender and Natural 
Disaster, and Poverty across the Lifespan) and information about the 
Afghan situation and women's role in creating and sustaining peace. The 
Consultation will be followed by a networking reception. Orientation 
sessions, (including lobbying and advocacy training), are also planned. 
See below for information on registration for these events or contact: 
NGO/CSW.  E-mail: Fax:  (1-212) 692-0724.

Roundtable discussions on the two thematic issues will be held on 17 
January 2002 (natural disasters/environmental management) and 14 
February 2002 (eradicating poverty). Contact NGO/CSW for further 
information. You will require UN passes for these events. All ECOSOC and 
DPI passes for New York-based representatives are accepted. Should you 
require a temporary pass, contact Denise Scotto at UN/DAW, e-mail 
<> or fax (1-212) 963 3463 at least ten days ahead.  

Registration forms for the NGO advocacy training, the NGO Consultation, 
the NGO orientation meetings, the NGO reception and awards, and other 
events, e.g. the artisan fair and the workshops on fund development,  
will be available on the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations 
(CONGO) website in mid-January. Website: <>. Click 
on the button for the Consultation. There is a package fee of $60 for a 
combination of Consultation, Orientation and Reception, and a flat fee 
for both advocacy trainings -  $20 for both, or $15 for either one. For 
further information on all or any of these events please contact: 
NGO/CSW at e-mail: <> or fax (1-212) 692-0724.

MARCH 2002

1. Read all documents that pertain to the 46th Session ahead of time, 
including the reports from the Expert Group Meetings on the two thematic 
issues -Gender and Natural Disasters, and Poverty across the Lifespan. 
They should all be available on the DAW and/or WomenWatch websites soon. 
UN WomenWatch website: UN/DAW website:

2. Try to meet and/or speak with someone who has attended the CSW in the 
past. If need be, you could contact the NGO/CSW for the name of someone 
who previously represented your group. 

3. Find out who will be on your country's delegation, and what positions 
your country will be taking. It is very likely that your government will 
already have formulated its positions before the delegates leave, so 
early NGO participation at country level is advisable.  We hope you will 
share information from your country at either the NGO advocacy trainings 
Saturday March 2 or at the NGO orientation sessions on Monday March 4.

4. Register for the CSW, and register for the NGO Consultation, 
orientation and reception.  

5. Don't forget to bring your confirmation letter from the UN Division 
for the Advancement of Women, your passport  (or some other form of ID 
if you are not traveling internationally), goods for the artisan fair 
(optional) and any other correspondence you might need.

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